Sunday, January 4, 2015

VIDEOS: Has Rev. Fr Mbaka Taken Bribe From APC To Openly Campaign Against President Goodluck?

Mbaka Endorsing President Goodluck in November 2014

The above video shows the popular controversial Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka endorsing President Goodluck Jonathan as a good president of Nigeria when the First Lady visited him in his Enugu Adoration Ground in which he condemned those condemning President Goodluck for not being able to bring back the 200 abducted Chibok girls, saying that President Goodluck has done well for Nigeria so far and would have done more except for distractions in the form of Boko Haram and other insecurity issues.

Barely one month has elapsed when the acclaimed clergy endorsed the incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, he automatically turnaround against him on the eve of the 2015 New Year, calling on President Goodluck to quietly and peacefully resign as Nigeria's President, as he went further to call President Goodluck Bad luck!

I am really shocked at Rev. Fr Mbaka's utterances against the president in a mass service attended by thousands of Christian worshippers.

How can a clergy be so politically inclined and confused at the same time?

Is he telling us that for the past 3 years now that President Goodluck has been in power as the president and Commander in Chief of the Nigerian arm forces, that he Rev. Fr Mbaka didn't see all the flaws in Mr.President when he endorsed the President in November 2014 and only to turn against him in less than one month- December 31, 2014?

This is more than ridiculous and suspicious! Someone is deceiving someone here and only God in heaven can tell who is truly He is own, and this should make people wake up from their spiritual slumber of believing everything some so-called men of God says...really ridiculous!

Watch the latest video in which he authoritatively condemned President Goodluck Jonathan below:

Rev. Fr Mbaka Condemning President Goodluck

Its high time these so-called clergies focus on winning more souls for Christ than soiling the house of God with partisan politics!


  1. Ur question if he has taken bribe is highly insulting to the man mbaka y cus if u no him very well he fears no body dead or alife only God . Now on noveember he prayed for him and wish him well openly now if truly all am reading and seeing now is true from him just know he has seen something new which we can't see and makes him openly preach against him. If u don't no ask abt his time n war with chimaroke nnamani and even the present governor chime mbaka is more than any more all of the put together can give him so please when next u talk about him mbaka try and respect what is in him and not the person mbaka.

    1. Hello Modest, in as much as I respect your opinion on so many issues, I really don't approve what Mbaka is suspicious and ridicule the Catholic Church and Mbaka's reputation. A man of God should hear well from God and confirm and re-confirm before opening mouth to speak to avoid contradicting himself. Anyway, only God knows His own! Good morning