Sunday, January 4, 2015

President Goodluck Have No Bank Account Or Property Abroad – All His Children Live & School In Nigeria! [Photos]

goodluck children
Sometimes when I read or hear some gullible Nigerians criticize President Goodluck Jonathan and accuse him of being corrupt, I just pity the man because I know very well that President Goodluck is a good man with the heart of an ordinary man and ready to listen to anybody.

Worst of, 99% of Nigerian politicians accusing President Goodluck of being corrupt are even more corrupt and doesn't care about the common Nigerian citizen.

Most of them own foreign bank accounts with millions and billions of dollars stashed in those dormant foreign accounts and yet they find it so easy to accuse the President of corruption.

President Goodluck is also the only Nigerian president and top politician to allow his daughters marry young men they met in school who aren't from rich or political family backgrounds unlike most other politicians who would rather influence who their children gets married to...let's respect this man and pray that God gives him more wisdom to implement his good goals for this country.

No matter what people say, I still believe that President Goodluck is a good man!

Lest I forgot, these same group of politicians accusing President Goodluck of mass corruption and looting have no interest in the well being of Nigeria as most of them have shipped their children abroad to school, simply because they destroyed Nigeria's educational system and therefore can't allow their own children school here with the common Nigerians..but President Goodluck's children all school here in Nigeria!

goodluck jonathan children

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  1. Our dear president is a very good man but truth most be said he lacks the political will to rule n control this big country and it does not make him a bad man but his govt is corrupt is clear nad obvious