Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lagos Married Woman Caught Red-handed In Bed with Another Man To Get Money! [Photo]

This is indeed a sad news to begin the year....a certain married lady based on Lagos was caught red-handed in bed with another man just for money. Read the full gist and picture of the woman and her lover caught doing it after the page cut:

Lagos Married Women sleeping around because of money

This is a negative phenomenon that is spreading in the land, not only in Lagos. Money is becoming the motivating factor for many women today, sorry for any man who can't carry his woman along and make her change her faulty ideas about money.

The President of Igando Customary Court, Lagos, Mr Ruphus Adeyeri, has revealed that the sin of adultery is threatening many marriages.

Adeyeri said most married men and women were engaged in extra-marital affairs for many reasons, but mostly for money by the women.

Adeyeri, who is also a marriage counselor, attributed the main cause of infidelity to economic reason, saying many men today could not meet up with responsibility of taking care of their homes the way their wives love.

According to him, there is a limit a woman can bear, when she discovers that her husband cannot provide for the family, she seeks assistance outside.

“The issue of money makes women to cheat on their husbands when he cannot meet their needs financially, she falls for a man who showers her with money.’’

He however added that infidelity is just a way of life for some women; they could never be satisfied with one man.

“They are just wired to be unfaithful, some are serial cheaters, they cheat for the thrill of it,’’ he said.
Adeyeri said that when spouses become unfaithful to each other, most of them resulted to divorce as the only solution.

He said that many partners, who come to court for dissolution of their marriages, came alleging adultery on the part of their spouses.

The court president noted that insatiable s*x could also lead to extra-marital affairs, pointing out that many spouses always accused one another of dissatisfaction or denial of s*x.

“No marriage is made in heaven, spouses only agree to work together in unity,’’ he advised.

Culled from: talkofnaija

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