Wednesday, January 14, 2015

EXPOSED: Every Nigerian Must Read This Before February 14!


Let me not talk about the PDP's, but THESE ARE THE APC GUBERNATORIAL FLAG - BEARERS:

(1) SOKOTO - Aminu Waziri Tambuwal (former PDP)
(2) KEBBI - Abubakar Atiku Bagudu (former PDP)
(3) KATSINA - Aminu Bello Masari (former PDP)
(4) KANO - Umar Abdullahi Ganduje (former PDP)
(5) KADUNA - Malam Nasir El-rufa'i (former PDP)
(6) JIGAWA - Alh. Abubakar Badaru (former PDP)
(7) BAUCHI - Barr. Muhammad Abubakar (former PDP) (cool
(8) GOMBE - Alh. Inuwa Yahya (former PDP)
(9) NIGER - Abubakar Bello Sani (former PDP)
(10) ADAMAWA - Umar Jibrilla Bindow (former PDP)
(11) PLATEAU - Mr Simon Lalong (former PDP)
(12) BENUE - Dr Samuel Ortom (former PDP)
(13) TARABA - Aisha Jummai Alhassan (former PDP)
(14) RIVERS - Dakuku Perterside (former PDP)
(15) IMO - Rochas Okorocha (former PDP)
(16) ENUGU - Okey Ezea (former PDP)
(17) ABIA - Dr Nyerere Anyim (former PDP)
(18) EBONYI - Dr Steve Egbo (former PDP).

NOTE ALSO THAT more than 60% of the State & National Assembly Candidates are also all former PDP members!

Let me not also forget to state that AUDU OGBE, APC's chieftain was a former Chairman of PDP (2001-2005).

Do I also need to mention Atiku Abubakar? Or Rotimi Ameachi who was a PDP Speaker of Rivers state Assembly for 8 Years then Governor for 7 years?

The list goes on and on. If PDP wasted and stole our time and resources for the past 16 years, my dearest citizens, the names listed above and many more are part of these bunch of criminals who stole and wasted these our resources.

They were and are part of the people who lied and lie to us. My people, YES! We want change, but if I am a thief in Agbada, would wearing a Nnyika make me not to be a thief? Would I stop being a thief because I changed gang?

Some of us will always argue that the states controlled by these thieves are better than the others, but let me ask: Did Ameachi do all he did for Rivers in the past 1 year that he became a memebr of the APC? Was it last year that APC was formed that the transformations in KANO took place or began?
Was it APC's Government that did the stuffs in IMO? Dearest Citizens, for 16 years we have been under the PDP's Umbrella.

Yes, but which person in this APC has not been in the corridor or close to the coridor of power in these past 16 years?

Not only am I so disapointed in us as citizens, I am ashamed to be a part of this generation. We revolved & continue to revolve aroung the same group of people since Independence yet we seem to be comfortable with it. If they're saints as they claim, we wouldnt be where we are today.
Do I need to start mentioning their names and potfolios? If I cant mention all, at least I know for a fact that as far back as 1982, Audu Ogbe was not only a speaker of his state assembly, he also was a Minister in Nigeria.

Infact, he held two ministerial positions. I also know without doubt that Gen Buhari apart from being a PTF Chairman, rose to become the President of Nigeria as far as 1983.

Very resently, Atiku Abubakar was an 8 years Vice President. I cant believe that at 72 some one who was President at 41 wants to be president again.

I cant also come to term with my self when ever I read that Gen Yakubu Gowan was about 23 years old when he became Nigerias President. Well, I am above 23 now and I cant even feed myself. My dearest citizens of the Republic, do we continue rotating our leaders and expect to move forward?

Do we expect to be in 2015 and have some one who ruled us decades ago rule us? As a child, I heard of Shehu Musa Yar'dua. As a teenager, I had Umaru Musa Yar'dua rule me as president. When do I see Akpan, Taofeek, Olanipekun or Emeka at 25 , 35 or 45 year old be my president?

When do we see a 25 or 31 year old Nigerian from any part of Nigeria be governors or senator or even ministers? Dearests, Gen Martin Luther Agwai, the former Chief of Army Staff is now the Chairman of SURE- P. David Mark, former governor of 2 different states is today our Senate President.

Tomorow, if PDP no longer favours him, he will join forces with APC or which ever party there is. We are where we are today because our fathers failed in their reponsibilities to plan for us. Are we going to let our children suffer what we suffer by allowing these people rotate offices among themselves?

Whether we like it or not, Buhari as a former president recieves a Pension of 22.7 million. Whether you like it or not, when Jonathan completes his tenure, he will also recieve his millions as pension and the cycle will continue.

One thing is sure, if Jonathan retains his presidency next year, he will not employ me in his government. One thing is also sure, if Buhari wins, he will not employ you in his government.

Who will they then employ? Ofcourse, they will employ the same old crooks to help them out. This is not Change, APC is not change. When we see change, we go know! God Bless Your Hearts!

APC has their slogan as change but on this note i think pdp is the party that represent change because all the old thieves has gone to rival APC!!

Nigerians vote wisely; don't vote out of brainwash and sentiments! 

Written by a distressed Nigerian youth who mailed me to publish it!

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