Friday, January 2, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Photo: Boko Haram Convoy In Gombe State

Three Boko Haram Suspects Die In Gombe Car Crash


  1. The question is do we have militry, were do these pepl get this cars n fuel to drive them , is it not on d govt road they are now, is there no emmergency rule were this pepl are coming from, y is the govt fooling us that they are fighting a faceless group, like they hv com out to fight the poor n d defenceless pepl are the faceless, am sorry to say this gej and his group can't stop this pepl is obvious I weed for my country n d poor citizens left to die in d hands of this group by the leader they voted into power #gej is woking is this among?

    1. Have you forgotten that we have saboteurs among our military, sabotaging the efforts of the government and that of the gallant soldiers? Mubi town was taken over by Boko Haram without much gun shot or battle and we also learnt that Nigerian military were present in that town and claimed that they didn't have enough ammunition to fight the insurgents, yet the same insurgents they claimed are more equipped got most of their weapons from capturing our military's ammunition.

      On the issue of where they get petrol and diesel they use to power their vehicles, have you also forgotten that most towns they captured have filling station operating there? So what do you expect would happen to the filling stations after Boko Haram takes over the town? They also abduct prominent Nigerians and foreigners for huge ransom which is also another source of their bank robbery in towns they take over.....

      The major problem FG have in fighting Boko Haram is sabotage from insiders, Boko Haram sympathizers among Nigerian military, government, traditional rulers, communities and the Nigerian population....until all Nigerians unite as one irrespective of tribe, religion or political status to fight Boko Haram, Boko Haram will continue to wax stronger.