Sunday, December 21, 2014

Why Buhari will Fail Nigerians More Than GEJ If He Wins in 2015!

Agreed, President Goodluck didn't turn Nigeria around into a paradise that we all desire to witness.
Agreed, President Goodluck didn't handle the issue of security in the north-eastern Nigeria well; and of course no government in the whole world can single handedly fight and wipe out islamic terrorists without the honest and harmonious collaboration of the entire citizens- security operatives, civilians, religions/traditional leaders, politicians, youths, etc.

#Fact 1:
Nigeria has been under-developed since 1960; no border control, no reliable and correct citizen database (shame on all our past leaders we call our founding fathers- Tafa Belewa, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, et al, all of them didn't wished Nigeria well from beginning), no electronic surveillance cameras in all corners of the country like they have in countries like: USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, China, Israel, Malaysia, etc...and we have lots of mountainous and forest areas in the north east Nigeria with no surveillance camera or well equipped border/forest security to safeguard those dangerous areas from being used as terrorist and deadly gang dens.

Now, we can't expect one government that's just 6 years old to wipe out all these odds when the country is already built on very bad foundation of corruption, tribalism, religious divide, materialism and selfish interest.

#Fact 2- Issue of Corruption & Goodluck's government:
Past Nigerian leaders prolonged corruption in Nigeria such that virtually every Nigerian citizen became a corruption agent and it was Obasanjo who would have curtailed this deadly scourge of national corruption from penetrating into the ordinary citizens when he took over from military in 1999, but he was too busy looting the Nigerian oil funds he failed to loot in 1976 and forgot to fight corruption sincerely which caused corruption to spread like harmattan fire in the whole Nigerian population, such that every Nigerian citizen radiates corruption in their various offices, businesses and daily lives.

Now, how do we expect a democratically elected president functioning in a democratic system of government to fight corruption like a military dictator (who have absolute power to do anything he wishes) when every action of a democratic president will first get approval from the upper/lower national house of assemblies and then judicial?

If Buhari wins come 2015, I promise Nigerians that Buhari will fail Nigerians woefully but then, I know Nigerians won't cry much as they are crying now since Buhari comes from a majority tribe and a very strong religious background that supports their own irrespective of the situation.

Why will Buhari fail as president if he wins in 2015???

1. He will lead Nigeria this time as a democratically elected president and not as a military dictator: In 1983 when Buhari was the military head of state, he had absolute unopposed power to dictate things the way he wants it without challenge from any citizen or government arm. And having a strict ADC, late Idi-abgon also helped him.

Now, he is coming in as a democratically elected president, which means before he can pass any anti-corruption law, it must pass through senate and reps filled with corrupt senators and reps, and his anti-corruption bills may also require to pass through the judiciary for final abduction and implementation as a national law.

Again, he won't be the one to enforce these anti-corruption laws, it is another corrupt Nigerian official (judges, justices, policemen, et al) who is already corrupt and even if he sacks that one, the next one is corrupt too...

So what Nigeria needs first is national repentance from our corrupt way of life.

#Fact 3: APC is a corrupt party- 
Buhari will not fight corruption in Nigeria if he wins because virtually 70% of past corrupt politicians in Nigeria have all decamped from PDP to APC and now chanting the new song: Change! Change! Sai Buhari!

Now I ask; have they changed? When and how! Just because they left PDP for selfish personal interest to join APC doesn't mean they have changed or are no longer corrupt!

How can Buhari come from a party made up of past corrupt politicians and Nigerians are here believing Buhari will fight corruption???

Will Buhari jail Tinubu the most corrupt Nigerian politician of our time???

Will Buhari jail Rotimi Amaechi???

Will Buhari jail all the past corrupt PDP governors who are now APC party members for their selfish interest???

Nigerians, don't be deceived, you don't sell dog to buy monkey: APC = PDP, expect no change come 2015 if Buhari wins so you won't be more heartbroken than you are now!

Boko Haram insurgents may reduce if Buhari wins, not because Buhari will do any special thing to stop Boko Haram if he wins, but because Boko Haram will drop their arms on their own because they will feel more at peace that they have someone from their belief now in power, just as Niger Delta militants laid down their arms when Yaradua/Goodluck assumed office.

I am not a supporter of PDP or APC, I am only waking Nigerians up ahead of time; don't expect too much from APC, they are just as corrupt as PDP and even more deadly than PDP!

I wished Buhari came as an independent candidate from no party, how I wished!

Its so unfortunate that our nation has been overrun by corruption such that every citizen lives and survives by corruption.

Now, how many Nigerians can swear with their life here that they haven't patronised, sympathised or assisted corruption no matter how small???

Let's stop pointing fingers at those in leadership now and start now as youths to lead by example in wherever we are now!

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  1. Ngoo gej should go he failed nigerians and we need a change. For instance all about obj said about him n the government is very true let's over look the massenger n focus on the massage he promise to transform nigerian maybe is to allow all the citizens to be killed , allow his party and friends to run d country down n allow d boko pepl take over us that's what he mean by transformation gej should go. Buhari is the man