Tuesday, December 9, 2014

OBJ Attacks His Daughter Iyabo, Says She Was Induced To Do ‘dirty Job’?

Many thought the ex president has forgiven his daughter, but little did they know that our former president and one time military leader still has the military blood running in his veins as he finds it difficult to forgive, not even his own beloved daughter. What more can I say? 

Read below after the page cut what OBJ has to say to his daughter after close to a year fuss:

Nearly a year after his daughter, Iyabo, wrote a well-publicised open letter to him, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has replied her, alleging that she was induced by President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration to write the stinker. In portions of his latest memoirs, My Watch, seen in advance by TheCable, Obasanjo said he had been warned that “this administration” was attempting to induce two of his daughters to do a “dirty job” and that he warned both of them against it. Obasanjo said Iyabo succumbed to the advances because of “her character” and “the influence of her mother” – who is the retired general’s first wife. In her letter, Iyabo, a former commissioner in Ogun state and former senator, recounted Obasanjo’s failings as a father and questioned his moral right to criticise others.

“This is the end of my communication with you for life. I pray Nigeria survives your continual intervention in its affairs,” she wrote.

Obasanjo had written a highly critical letter to Jonathan titled “Before It Is Too Late” in which he raised issues about insecurity and corruption in the country.

He wrote: “You must hold yourself most significantly responsible for what happens or fails to happen in Nigeria and in any case, most others will hold you responsible and God who put you there will surely hold you responsible and accountable.” Obasanjo further repeated an allegation that Jonathan was training snipers to kill his political opponents

He had remained silent since Iyabo’s open letter to him was published in the medai, but has now responded in volume one of the three-volume memoirs. Obasanjo wrote: “I got a warning that this administration was attempting to induce two of my daughters, including Iyabo, to do a dirty job. I warned them both against it, but because of her character, the influence of her mother and her attitude, Iyabo succumbed; the other daughter did not.

“I was warned about a former minister of finance, who wrote the reply for Jonathan, and about the writer of the letter to which E. K. Clark appended his signature. Iyabo’s letter and the response to it has been treated as a family issue, so that all the members of the family can be equipped with the other side of the story from me for posterity. “If Iyabo was childish and unwise enough to allow herself to be used, no other member of the family should allow himself or herself to be so used. Tolerance and acceptance of others must be practised in the face of any provocation, no matter how vile.” Obasanjo has previously been openly accused of Inbreeding and adultery by his son, Gbenga, who sought to divorce his wife alleging that his father was sleeping with her.

The former president, meanwhile, said a “cabal” surrounding late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adau framed corruption charges against Iyabo when she was a senator in order to get back at him because of his personal views against them. “My adversaries tried other means to get to me,” he stated. “If Obasanjo could not be cut down to size, they must have thought, what about those close to him, including his daughter? When Senator Iyabo, my daughter, was accused of corruption, I took my time to have a serious interview with her on what exactly had transpired. She briefed me in detail and I was satisfied. “But I did not stop there. I spoke with the Senate President, who also briefed me and assured me that Iyabo had not committed any offence as he had personally looked into the matter.

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