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How Women Encourage Men To Seek For Virgins To Marry

Women unknowingly encourage men to prefer virgins as wife to non-virgins, how? I will explain in details so prepare your mind to read some long article.

Every man in the world who has once had an intimate relationship that involved sex, knows that the easiest person to have sex with as a man is ex girlfriend!

All men know this and that's why you see guys trying hard to go back to their ex in the pretence that they miss them, have realized their worth and want them back; fallacy! He's mostly coming back for more sex or easy sex, maybe he's been lonely and finding it hard to find a better sex since u guys parted, so don't go rejoicing that your ex is back for good; not always the case!

Yes, in very few, in fact, insignificant cases, ex boyfriends do come back for good.

Ex boyfriends understand so well that their ex girlfriends can hardly resist them if they make strong move to regain them back even if she's in another relationship, or marriage.

Especially if she adored (*loved) him during their dating or if he was her first love (the guy that took her virginity).

My own personal research have proven that women dwell more on the past (memories) than on the present or future, whereas men dwell more on the future.

Once a man has had sex with a lady, he believes he has conquered that ground and needs to explore and conquer more grounds, and he no longer sees the lady he once had sex with as exciting except he truly adores her (mind you, I said “adore” and not “love”). But unfortunately, women prefer someone they already know...someone they have known for long...that's who most women prefer to have intimacy with, and that's why women generally find it difficult to reciprocate to a strange guy's romantic moves because they don't know him...but a guy doesn't mind flirting with a total stranger he just met in an island today.

Now, this is where ex boyfriends hold their ex girlfriends to a ransom- their girlfriends still think about them and compare them with their present boyfriend or husband...and any slightest move by their ex bfs will lead to a regrettable intimate encounter.

Now, how do women encourage and push men to seek for virgins to marry?

Find out below after the page cut:

1. Women talk too much about their ex, especially the guy that took their virginity: unfortunately, most men can't even remember the first woman they had intimacy with.

2. Many men have slept with their married ex girlfriends, or their ex girlfriends in committed relationship with another man, hence, men can't totally trust a woman they met non-virgin who had exes.

3. Many women compare their present man (husband or boyfriend) with their ex boyfriend even without knowing it.

4. The way ladies talk about their ex on social media networks calls for alert: visit various popular social media platforms and read how many ‘my ex’ topics created by females and you will understand that many women are under the perpetual bondage of their ex lover!

5. A woman can forget every other man in her life, but not the man that took her virginity, the man that deflowered her: hearing stories that paint this picture of how ladies adore and think about their first love make many men feel bad that they didn't marry or date a virgin.

6. Women hardly resist their ex' intimate approaches: majority of women who had a committed ex can hardly resist him when he makes an intimate move because women have this kinky belief that since he has seen it all before, what's there to hide from him? And men know this by default, and hence, many men would prefer to marry a virgin if given the choice.

A friend who happens to be a medical doc once told me that if a DNA test is carried out in Nigeria, that many men will run mad because the children they call theirs aren't theirs but their wife's ex lover's. Doesn't that ring a bell???

7. Stories of ladies abandoning their present relationship to go back to their ex makes men to wish they were their woman's first and only love:
it is shameful to hear that a lady gathered the courage to tell a guy who took her away from her sorrow after being heartbroken and dumped by a man who felt she doesn't deserve him, that “she still love her ex, and he's begging her to come back; pls I am sorry let's have a break”! No sane man will do that just because of his ex, but many ladies do it on daily basis and they criticise guys when they say they are looking for a virgin to marry?

8. Wounded Tigers: many ladies expended their whole energy during dating; such that they gave all they have to their exes, and after their relationships hits the rock, they become so bitter with men and lack trust and bear numerous secret grudges against men, such that their present boyfriend or husband becomes the one to pay for the evil her exes committed against her.

These type of ladies- “the wounded tigers” are the type that suffer their boyfriends and husbands with sex.

They are the ladies that sing: “no sex till marriage, I am a secondary or tertiary virgin”, they are the ladies that give their new man timetable for sex because they gave their exes the best sex and they still broke their heart, making them to believe that starving their present man sexually will make him value and treat them right; but unfortunately they don't know that they are digging a deeper grave that may swallow them.

These “wounded tigers” are the ones who condemn cooking for their man no matter the circumstances because they cooked and cleaned for Peter, John, Okafor, Jide, Olumide, Musa, Isong, Elba and Wong and they all left her heartbroken, so why should she cook for Pedro her present man??? Won't that make him flee like others? Won't that make him take her for granted?

With these experiences, every man would prefer to marry a lady who has no past experience to dream about or to compare...

Ladies should start giving their ex a break! Ladies should learn to call their past, past! Ladies must rise up against that bondage of their ex! Ladies must stop talking about their ex and focus on their present and future relationship!

Ladies must strive to cut off all communications with their ex to avoid any regrettable comeback! It is time for ladies to start thinking like men and stop messing around with their ex! Once he's gone, let him go forever! Always warn him that you aren't gonna welcome him once he leaves.

Stand firm, don't be afraid of scarcity of husband that makes you run back to him as the only available option because if you are a virtuous lady who also takes good care of her body and looks, take it or leave it, you will surely get married before you return to your maker.

Wish you all the best as the year ends. May the good Lord bless and keep you all, and may we live happily to celebrate 2015 and more.

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