Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday Laughter: True Love Version

Mr Felix sent this to NgBlog:

This morning I just dey escort one of my friend to the bus stop from my house when I see one clean beautiful girl coming out from her Brand New Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), she dey cry, dey kneel down, dey cry, by one slim ugly bobo wey be like say him never chop for months.

The babe just dey beg, dey cry dey follow the guy, dey tell am say she no need money, she no need Brazillian wigs, she say she no need even the SUV all she want na him kisses, him love and him embrace.

The baby dey cry follow the guy, when I hear these words from afar my heart stopped to breath, my head sparked like high tension wire, and my brain burst like flames, my soul spinned, the guy no even look the babe sef!

Na there me I vex say if this guy no value the baby well right now me I don fall in love be that, so make I go claim this girl. But as I near them, one man touch me for back say Mr Man abeg no block the camera.... na film dem dey shoot.... I just tire!
Life could be so unfair o, y this thing come be film na

I am still laughing o...lafmaoooo

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