Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How I Lost My Virginity To My Dream Man

Just call me Kate, my agony started the day my friends in the hostel realised I was still a virgin. Then I was 17 and in SS3. In the hostel, I shared a room with three other girls and classmates - Janet who normally called me K.T, Sandra, who called me Katty and Linda.

"So what is the big deal?" I asked, knowing that there was no reason they should be laughing at me.

"No big deal Katty, only that you are still a girl" Sandra said.

"And you are mummies, right?" I asked back.

"We are ladies" Linda said

"Congratulations ladies, keep on celebrating immorality, obsession, fornication and adultery" I said proudly.

"I love Man U. KT will do a dictionary, I gbadun those terms" Janet said

"Go on, we are enjoying it, we are celebrating Unclothedness, Indecency, expulsion, sexycology and ...." Linda said and they all burst into laughter.

"I got angry, packed my books and moved out of the room.

"Are you angry Katty" Sandra said

"Hey, this girl!" Linda shouted after me.

"This virgin girl, your mummies are calling you" Linda continued, then I was some distance from the room and everybody in the hostel heard her. I ignored her and continued walking down towards the exit of the hostel.

"Virgin Kate" Linda shouted again, everybody in the hostel now focused attention on me. I got angry and returned to her

"Are you mad Linda? To fi maku to fi ma decay, to fi ma perish in the hottest hell, never you use those words for me again, you let everybody in the hostel be looking at me" I said

"Are you ashamed of being a virgin again? Sebi just now you said you are celebrating holiness and righteousness" She replied and everybody burst into laughter again

"K.T is celebrating virginity, but essh, don't let anybody in the hostel heard o" Janet whispered and everybody started laughing again.

" Don't mind them Katty, We won't shout again" Sandra said and they all laughed.

I was confused, I hissed and walked out of the room. Sandra followed me.

"Don't mind Linda, she is too wild" Sandra said

"Not her fault, she is just a little girl" I replied

" But she is experienced" Sandra said.

"Experienced in immorality" I replied.

"But joke apart, Katty, you need a guy" Sandra said in a friendly tone.

"That is not what I come here to do"

"I agree, but everybody does it, why not you?

"Because, I am not everybody"

" I rest my case" Sandra said and together we went to the school library.

To be continued, check back.... 

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