Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Top 5 Worst Dressed Male Celebrities In Nigeria [Photos]

Though they are entertainment celebrities, their dress sense can make a child have instant convulsion. But then, this is not meant to rubbish their integrity, but just what NgozikanwiroBlog publishers feel about their dress code.
1. Charley Boy: a.k.a 'Area Father' is one Nigerian male celebrity that scares people with his mode of dressing, and I am sure most people would agree with me that Charley Boy sure has a weird sense of dressing.

2. Denrele Edun: a list like this without Denrele is sure not valid because Denrele has over the years won the award of the weirdest male celebrity in Nigeria with his gay-like dress modes.

3. Kcee: I am sure this talented artiste isn't yet aware that he is one of the male celebrities in Nigeria with funny dress sense- how do we reconcile Kcee's female color combinations? Maybe his girlfriends or female fans needs to alert him soon!

4. Prince Uzoegwu: in case you don't know him, he is a celebrity stylist and possibly following on Denrele's footsteps as you can see above. I have heard Nigerians in several occasions say that Prince Uzoegwu looks like a vampire in those his feminine attire...don't tell anybody I told you please.

5. Emeka Ike: Nollywood actor, Emeka might be a good actor, but he failed in the art of dressing. Sometimes I am left to wonder if he ever had a dresser or something close to it.

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  1. Wud av been terribly dissapointed if Emeka Ike had not made this list.