Sunday, October 19, 2014

"So Many Women Want To Have Intimacy with Me"- Confessed Tuface Idibia!

One of Nigeria's superstar singer, Innocent Idibia popularly known as 'Tuface', in a recent chat with Saturday Beats, explained how he handles intimate advances from female fans who do not want to respect his marriage.

While chatting with Saturday Beats, Tuface said that when a lady is trying to be too familiar with him, he introduces her to any of his single male friends that is around at the time.

Read his words below:

“When I meet a female fan who is being unnecessarily familiar with me, I just greet her and move on with my life. If she is still being persistent, I would tell her that what she is looking for she cannot have. Then I introduce her to any of my single friends that is around,” he said.

Tuface also told the Beays that three of his children are already showing signs of being singers. He also said that marriage has really brought a lot of changes into his life.

“Three of my children are already showing signs of being good singers without my interference. I would say I am a natural coach. Marriage has made me calm and helped balance my life. I don’t do some certain things anymore because I am married,” Tuface said.

Recalling the death of his father recently, he said that it was a painful period in his life and it was the last time he cried.

“The last time I cried was when my father died. When the doctor told me that he was dead, I could not believe it. It was then it dawned on me that I would not see him again,” he said.

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