Friday, October 10, 2014

SAD: How Linda Ikeji Used A Man To Become A Star & Pushed Him Away!

This story was written by okonja and published on nairaland. You can read it HERE

If you all remember she posted an article about a guy named Ayedee, Well, this is the full story.
Linda Ikeji's story below:

What you are about to read is quite long…and chilling! I wasn't going to share this info in public but after I showed it to some family members and a few friends who came to the house this morning, everyone agreed that I need to share this, that you all need to read this. You see, what happened with my blog wasn't about beef. It wasn't because I showed off my new SUV. It wasn't about plagiarism, or copyright infringement. It was something deeper, very personal…and maybe even more dangerous. Some would call it obsession.

To understand this, I am going to start from the beginning but before that I want to talk about plagiarism. My understanding of plagiarism is when you take someone's work and republish it verbatim as your own work.

I don't do that. But if I have ever done that in the past then I apologize…it was an oversight. I do get a lot of original content, way more than any other blogger in this country. Some of the biggest news stories in this country in recent times was broken by LIB. From Goldie's death (God rest her soul) Aluu4, ABSU molest, P-Square saga, Solomon Akiyesi and plenty more. And when I take news from other sources, I always credit them. When I don't give credit is when the news is everywhere so I write it in my own words and make it mine. I don't believe that is a crime. I admit that I have used photos without giving credit. I apologize. That will never happen again. You learn every day. And I have learnt from this.

Now about Mr Aye Dee. Let me start from the very beginning so you guys understand what really happened. Please read more.

Like I said earlier, this was not about copyright or plagiarism. It was personal. Very personal. In 2009 or 2010…(not sure) a guy named Alex who used to run 1976AD blog contacted me. He said he was impressed with my work and wanted to encourage me to never relent. Alex Info 1976AD (how I knew him back then) and I became very good friends online. In fact he was my confidant. Every time I had questions or challenges, I would reach out to him. By 2011, Alex 1976AD and I became quite close…online. We even exchanged numbers and spoke a few times. He always reminded me how proud of me he was. He told me I would one day become a phenomenon. I wasn't number one at the time but he told me that I would one day be the biggest news site in Nigeria…that he believed in me that much. He was my friend, my supporter; he sent me news to post on my blog. He wanted me to succeed. He told me things to do to get more readers. He knew a lot about the internet and how it works so I always went to him for advice. He was my anchor.

In 2011, Alex 1976AD made me his blog's Person of the Year 2011. I shared that post excitedly on my blog.

He said I was the most deserving Nigerian for the award that year…and he wrote the most beautiful article about me. He was so proud of me…and never hesitated to tell me. I was grateful. I was happy to have him as a friend.

Then we stopped talking. I sincerely can't remember when exactly. I know that Alex 1976AD tried to reach out to me mid last year…but I can't remember if I responded. If I didn't, it was an oversight. I'm really bad at replying mails because I get so many and I'm always busy blogging…but anyway.

Yesterday around 2.07pm…my long lost friend Alex Info 1976AD contacted me via gmail chat. I was so happy when I saw his name pop up. I was like yay…Alex 1976AD! He would know what I should do in this situation. I thought he was reaching out to me after all this while because he'd seen all the craziness going on and wanted to lend support…but what he said to me next shocked me to my bone marrow. He said 'I hope u're sitting down'. Thankfully I was because I would have literally fallen if I hadn't been sitting.

You see, my good friend and biggest supporter Alex 1976AD told me he was Mr Aye Dee. The same guy who started this. The guy that got Google to shut down my blog. It wasn't about plagiarism or copyright infringement…it was about a scorned former friend. It was about love turning to hate because he felt I'd abandoned him after I became big. Please patiently read our chat below…
His last chat to me before yesterday was 12th of May 2013…

Peoples' Reaction to Linda's Actions:
Thats humans for you. I'm not judging her but its really easy for someone to forget his/her friends when they are up the ladder. And to think that its someone she indirectly refers to as her mentor...
The real reason may never be known but I'm sure learning points have been duly noted.
I just "observed" that Linda, in her own posts, confirmed that the Ayedee guy helped her a lot in the past.

She indicated that she used to go "back-and-forth" with him whenever she NEEDED HELP
But STRANGELY, she said and l quote:

LindaIkeji: Then we stopped talking. I sincerely can't remember when exactly. I know that Alex 1976AD tried to reach out to me mid last year…but I can't remember if I responded. If I didn't, it was an oversight. I'm really bad at replying mails because I get so many and I'm always busy blogging…but anyway.

Now, except you are a baby and a very dull one for that matter, you will instantly know that something is fishy with that statement, someone (Linda) is concealing information definitely and is not stating the exact truth about

"How and what" made communication to cease, bearing in mind how
"platonically close" both of them had been and how she had benefited immensely from that "professional relationship.

Thus, when l read the Tweets of Ayedee later, as posted by someone else, l said "Haahaa, l knew it, l knew there is more to the story"!

Linda is feigning ignorance, she is trying to give the impression that the GUY has a Crush on her and that is why he was helping her and because she did not return the favor, that is why he engineered the shutdown of her Blog!

Now, l dont know Linda Ikeji (l have read some gossips on her Blog through re-direction two or three times so l know she is a Blogger, l had also smiled when l saw the way 'young' people were drooling over her SUV!

Good for her though, as she worked for it and l understand why some young teenagers get google-eyed on seeing her SUV, they themselves are dreaming of something like that but for matured people, you are like, whats so special with buying an SUV that it is generating this much noise Maybe its part of her publicity strategy)

...But even this Ayedee of a guy, l have never heard of at all. Complete blank!
So, my opinion on both is from a neutral observer who does not give a two-phuck about either of them.

*I want to believe from what Linda has posted herself, from snippets, small confirmations and innuendos, that she actually committed the offences the guy said angered him

*That he tried to reach her severally until she BLOCKED HIM OFF (that is where her statements about "we just stopped talking", gave her away!)

*Linda Ikeji was actually infringing on the intellectual property of the Ayedee guy
*Linda Ikeji was lying and playing the victim, to obfuscate her hanky-panky while trying to garner sympathy at the same time!.

I am a very good judge of character and l can tell you from the little that has transpired, that Linda Ikeji is desperate, a cheat and an ungrateful opportunist (as regards him and the Ayedee guy interaction).

That she even tried to malign the guy and portray him as some vindictive stalker shows how low she can get!

Forget that she bought an SUV or has a few naira in her account.

Caveat: The above is just my own personal opinion of the charade;
l was actually concerned for her, as a young lady, that her effort were being ruined by some "Ayedee guy" for PhD (Pull her Down) reasons which was the impression she gave initially, hence my initial interest in the issue but PLEASE, she need not get this desperate! Haaba!!

Like any personal opinion, it does not change anything and no one should develop BeePee over it. Write yours if you feel strongly about it.


  1. Hmmm that's serious but one lesson never you forget those that help u in the time of moving up the ladder cus u may need them incase u forget something on the ground

  2. You cant fool us, you wrote that stuff yourself. I know ur write up, you have been disappointed again, be wise hater.

    God dey soak ur koboko for kerosine with hausa pepper to flog you. Use shame talk true for once, show me one Lindodo post wey she claimed to be hers but she copy am & she neva gave credit.

    1. Loz, is that u or one of the loyal minions? Lafmaoo

  3. African queen of blogs is back, LINDA IKEJI FOR LIFE. Shame to bad belle people.

  4. Ngozi why is ur life like this?.Whoever God want to take up he does. So stop and pray to God.

    1. Why do we always get so sentimental and divine with every issue in Nigeria?????? Hmmmm

  5. U no try at all, abeg leave linda alone and face ur dry blog. I don enter keke jareeee

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