Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OPINION: Engineers Wants To Be Respected Like Doctors

All over the world its no more "News" that these two field of career are both professional fields especially when it comes to practicing it in full scale. But its so saddened here in my country (Nigeria) the way Medical Student(Pharmacists,Nurses, Medical Lab Scientist and Doctors) are being given mouth watery treatment on NYSC service ground and the future Engineers are being treated like idiots.

Infact in Benue State where I'm serving Med Guys are paid like 60k @ppa, 30k @state level followed with 3bedroom flats of Doctors quarters(free of charge) nd 19k of allawee compared with an Engineering Student sent to primary or secondary school with 2k@ ppa and just your 19k of allawee with no accommodation even if you had a First Class(B.Eng) in school. With this sad experience I thing the Engineering Bodies in this country (NSE nd COREN) are allowing our government to cheat us big time.

Med Guys make sure life of human is sustained but Engineers make life so comfortable for humans, we are everywhere going great things all around the world...

1. Automobile industry
2. Air-Condition and Refrigeration(Plasma air-con,doing great)
3. Electronics Devices (Mobile Devices,Laptops etc)
4. ICT and Telecommunications
5. Provision of Electricity(even if its still Bad, but Med Guys can't still do d job if not trained Engineers)
6. Biotechnology (Engineering coming into Medicine)
7. Architects, Civil Engineers and Builders
8. AeroNautical Engineers (Aircraft Engineers)
9. Marine Engineers

Just to mention a few now tell me, would you say its fair after all these areas of specialisation we (the upcoming Engineers) should be badly treated?

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  1. Well let them start to be saving life maybe they will get their wish done