Friday, October 10, 2014

Nigerian Copy-Copy Blog of The Day- Ng Blog New Trend!

Good morning peepz, today, we want to introduce another new feature on Ng Blog, aimed at exposing Nigerian blogs copying and pasting from other blogs without acknowledgment, as a way of encouraging Nigerian bloggers to be original and create their own contents.

All Nigerian blogs must not be about entertainment and celebrity gossip; its time for Nigerian bloggers to be creative and stop copying each other and making blogging stale.

Thank God Linda Ikeji bought into our suggestions/criticisms that she ought to hire talented Nigerian writers/journalists and photographers to fetch her original news than relying solely on copy-and-paste. At least, this will inspire more bigger bloggers to hire young talents and also create jobs for the youths!

So to all bloggers, please don't go singing: they are hating on me when Ng Blog crew bust and expose your blog for copying other blogs and for not being original!

Please take note!!


  1. Ngoo ur on point I support u on that let the right thing be done.

  2. This is a welcome development. I agree with you intoto that blogging must not just be about gossip, entertainment, copying from one another and pasting. Bloggers hiring their own reporters and camera men will add originality to their work and create more jobs. Ride on. Innocent.