Friday, October 17, 2014

NgBlog Is Giving Away Clothes, Wrist Watches, etc...HURRY!!

WIN GREAT REWARDS AT NgBlog by Just Participating in The Weekly Photo Contests!!

NgBlog is giving away amazing rewards to active readers of NgBlog!

To celebrate the season of joy and celebrations, publishers of NgBlog in partnership with are giving away amazing prizes to readers of NgBlog.

What is NgBlog/ giving away to NgBlog fans and readers?

1. Designer female clothes!
2. Designer wrist watches!
3. And more...

How to win?

For Ladies
- The reader that wins NgBlog Face of The Month will get a lovely designer dress from NgBlog for free!

Wherever you live, if you get selected by readers, NgBlog will send you the dress free!

For Guys
- If you win NgBlog Most Handsome Face of The Month, you will get a designer wrist watch for free from NgBlog.

Other Prizes
Blog visitors who consistently win:
- 1st to comment
- 5th to comment
- 10th to comment

Will get instant rewards from NgBlog.

If you are interested to participate, kindly send your most beautiful picture (2 different pics per participant) to:

Your email subject should be:

"Female Face of The Month Participant".

What are you waiting for? Start sending in your pictures and comments to win great prizes for free!!


  1. Na only u & ur 1 & only commentor “modest” go win ur cheap giveaway, ie if u are not even d modest itself. Buhahahahahahahaha

  2. Na only u & ur 1 & only commentor “modest” go win ur cheap giveaway, ie if u are not even d modest itself. Buhahahahahahahaha

  3. I'm in, sending in my pics...thanks, and guys wish me luck pls

  4. We all are just human and they life we live is not our own so y should we live that life with so much hate n fighting each other, at the end we all will only go with a big box like stuff and six fit down there if ur lucky to get a good burial. So please let's live a life of love n joy cus we no not when our lives will end on this earth. Stop hating on each other no man is better than the next person but is only God that gives blessing one love.

  5. Ng,hope i win ur gifts to celebrate my birthday on oct.23

    Flame....signing out

  6. @Modest, you preach love and hate someone right? Love does not exist here at For her to hate Linda Ikeji for no reason shows that there is no love here.

    1. @Charles, whoever you are, let me make some things clear to you.

      Is there a rule that says every blogger must praise all blog owners as a way of showing love?

      So Linda Ikeji doesn't criticise other people- celebrities and the likes?

      So Linda Ikeji became famous blogging about her life and family without talking abbout other people?

      So because NgozikanwiroBlog reviews LindaIkejiBlog and criticise her where necessary makes NgozikanwiroBlog a hater and a loveless blogger? Seriously, you, if at all its not whom I am suspecting, needs to take some chill pill.

      LindaIkejiBlog criticises so many people- celebrities and she shouldn't be upset or feel bad when she gets reviewed and criticised too!

      You can't be gossiping about other people and expect people not to gossip about you in life.

      Linda became famous bouthmouthing and gossiping about famous and popular Nigerians, so if gossiping about LindaIkeji and her flaws will make NgozikanwiroBlog famous like LindaIkejiBlog, so be it!!

      So can you and your foot soldiers now let NgozikanwiroBlog rest? Lol...funny people.

      Are you aware that Linda Ikeji unleashed her fight dog who happens to be her sister- Laura to attack me here and there, including on twitter and never said anything about it or made it public.

      Pls take some chill pill and relax okay because we will keep talking about LindaIkeji and her foes you hear? Ndo, ohh? Lol

  7. @charles if u really get me right u should understand that what I want is love and not u coming to say who hates rather join to preach love n not hate bro big ups to u one love