Monday, October 6, 2014

Most Popular Nigerian Blog of Today- SDK Blog!

Ngozikanwiro's Blog review of best and most popular and most performing Nigerian blogs is back again! This time, we promise to bring you the best Nigerian blogs- from popular old blogs to fast-rising new blogs and juicy news websites and forums...and like always, we promise to be as fair as possible by utilizing every blog analysis tools available to ensure that the best blogs are EXPOSED!

Today, 7th October 2014, the most popular and best performing Nigerian blog goes to- SDK Blog!

SDK stands for: Stella Dimokokorkus....see details below:

Who owns SDK? The owner is- Stella Dimoko Korkus, a Nigerian lady who lives in Germany, and one of Nigeria's oldest bloggers, so you can call her- Naija BlogTigress!!

Linda Ikeji Blog, a.k.a LIB used to be the most popular Nigerian blog, but with the latest trend of things, SDK is fast overtaking LIB, which can be seen from all angles- comments, readers' reaction, response swiftness, daily traffic, and search engine relevance.

With the way things are, SDK might retain this position for long except LIB introduces some new tactics as usual to outshine SDK once again.

Wondering what's behind SDK's popularity? Check below:

Reason number 1: Ng Blog team of blog crawlers and reviewers reports that SDK Blog witnessed an influx of blog readers and fans after the blog owner- Stella introduced mobile phone network airtime sharing in which lucky blog readers and visitors were rewarded with airtime.

Reason number 2: SDK free blog advert for her fans and readers also aided her blog's popularity

Reason number 3: SCANDAL sales faster than good news, and SDK is good at scandal news, lol

Reason number 4: Suspense filled! SDK blog brings in suspense, which keeps every reader coming back for to say, Stella the owner of SDK blog is very good at suspense blogging, I give it to her!

Reason number 5: She lives abroad! Yes, in as much as it sounds flimsy and pathetic, I would like to remind you that Nigerian people, especially the youths love anything foreign or smells of it. So for the fact that Stella lives abroad makes her readers and fans to cherish her blog more because they believe she knows a lot and has a lot to tell

I will stop here for now....don't miss the next edition of "The Most Popular Nigerian Blog of The Day". Remember, its a continuous trend and we are working towards giving out rewards to consistent winners, especially to upcoming bloggers and newbies....there will also be rewards for readers who stops by to drop comments as a way of encouraging Ng Blog to do more.

Readers' Note: if you know any Nigerian blog (old or new) that you think deserves the spotlight, please drop it via the comment box below.

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  1. and deserve an award. my favourites

  2. most popular blog

    flame...signing out

  3. Ng you are doing a nice job kudos!...check out this blog
    The owner established it last year...he is putting effort and the blog is making waves..i think the blog deserves the spot light

  4. LIB is still on top. Stop hating Linda, you Ngozika.
    I go through 15 Nigerian blogs every day here in Malaysia.

    1. There is no need to hate cos we aren't

  5. Nice one guys...ngozi Nairaland is cool...just like Zuma said above...i just checked ...thats a very nice blog...i think more exposure is what that blog needs
    Feature it too

  6. tho very very new just a little exposure will help d site out

    1. Keep posting unique and genuine news, it will be noticed. Meanwhile, dropping it here will sure drive some traffic for u. So well done