Sunday, October 12, 2014

LISTEN: If You Know You Can't Keep To Your Marital Vow, Please, Remain Single Oh!

Note: NgBlog didn't write the article you are about to read...but a fervent reader of this blog sent in the article with its link and asked that we publish it here to spread the message, and after reading through it, I saw it worthy of publication....please read the unedited article below:

It is very disheartening and amazing, yet trending on how many couples are cheating on each other after they have made a public vow to stick and be faithful to their partner in the presence of God and everyone present at the solemnization of marriage/wedding ceremony.
Many people are no longer ashamed to cheat on their spouses, infact, to some it's like a thing to be proud of when breaking the marital vow.
In the holy book i believe in, it is written therein that, it is better not to make a vow than to make it and not fulfilling it.
While discussing about it with someone, he said maybe those involved in cheating on their partners aint aware that they're breaking any vow, which makes them not better than a betrayer. I think at this junction, we need to examine the vow made by the couple to each other on their wedding day and see if it's different from making a vow..........

To the groom........the officiating minister(either in church or court) you (groom's names) promise to take this woman(bride's names) as your legally and only wife, to love and care for in health and sickness, in wealth and poverty, for better and for worse, and also to forsake other women, till death do you part? And the man answers...........Yes, i do!

To the bride.......the officiating minister (either in church or court) you(bride's names) take this man(groom's names) as your legal and only husband to love and care, in health and sickness, wealth and poverty, for better and for worse, and also forsaking other men, till death do you part? And the woman answers..........Yes, i do.

If this is not a vow, i wonder what it is.
It is high time people start taking their marriages serious, everybody knows him/herself very well, if you know that you have problem keeping to your marriage vow, then, please remain single, it's better than making a vow and not keeping it.
I don't know the party that is more involved, be it husbands or wives, but please, if you're into extra-marital affairs, please, stop and retrace your steps. Also, if you're planning to get married, ensure and decide to keep to your marital vow, and as you're doing so, you're doing yourself a lot of good as well as putting a stop to all ridiculous stories we hear and read about couples cheating on each other.

Apart from the fact that cheating on one's spouse is unhealthy in every aspect one may look at it, it is also full of regrets at the end of it all.

Before i stop..........a food for thought for us all, treat your spouse the way you want him/her to treat you.

If you're a man, and you're cheating on your wife, how will you feel if it's your wife that is cheating on you?

If you're a woman, and you're cheating on your husband, how will you feel if it's your husband that is cheating on you?

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