Friday, October 10, 2014

Linda Ikeji Mistakes- Let's Call a Spade a Spade!

Linda, if everyone refuses to tell you your big mistakes for fear of whatever or in order to appear nice and possibly to win fans, I won't!

If every other Nigerian blogger is afraid to tell you the obvious truth that would make you become a better person (if you wish to), then I will!

If every other Nigerian blogger is afraid of criticising Linda Ikeji so that people won't say "they are hating on Linda Ikeji", then Ng Blog won't fail to do so!

Now, adjust your reading glasses and read your biggest mistakes below:

1. Linda Ikeji you are too proud and arrogant, please have a rethink!

Yes, you deserve to be proud of your blogging achievement which you never envisaged, but then, you are taking it too far and like they say- pride comes before a fall, please think again!

2. You live too much of a show-off life!

Life isn't about show-off; there are millions of successful single ladies out there who are of course richer than you in their various fields, so don't let the fact that your own field exposes you to the media deceive you into thinking that you're the most industrious or successful single Nigerian lady!
If you don't withdraw from show-off lifestyle, it may hit you harder someday.

3. Linda Ikeji you are so ungrateful!!
How can you snob and diss a nice man that helped you during your struggling days??? Even if he asked you out and you didn't want him, aren't you matured enough to calm him down and still be his friend for the fact that he helped you in your days of little beginning?

Ladies like you are the reason some men don't help women to become successful in life, and all your so-called fans and supporters don't know the harm this your action would cause the entire Nigerian women!

I read your story of how you and Mr Aye Dee lost contact, and all I could see was an arrogant, ungrateful smart lady trying hard to convince people into believing that she's faultless; think twice and please apologise to that guy in private for the embarrassment of publishing your private conversations with him and more; he deserves a sincere apology from you, if at all you would listen.
Of course everyone will claim they love Linda Ikeji now that you're in the spotlight, but think back a bit and reflect on your life before now without just bragging.

And to think you always brag on your blog that no man ever helped you become who you are in blogging, makes you more arrogant and ungrateful! And you expect this guy and other yet to be uncovered men that helped you to be looking at you with good eye? My dear, watch your ways.

4. Linda Ikeji you are GREEDY! With all due respect, I want to remind you again like I told you last year HERE that you are a greedy lady!

You make millions from adverts, etc, yet you find it so difficult to hire young talented reporters and photo journalists to be fetching you authentic news and gist, instead, you prefer to scout the internet for free news and gossip and also rely on free news feeds while making millions from other peoples' intellectual hardwork.

Thank your star that you are dealing with Nigerians- loyal people till even in their grave, if not, you ought to have been battling to pay huge settlements from the various copyright infringement cases against you.

Until I criticised you last year that you are irrelevant to your fans and readers, Linda Ikeji you hardly give back to your fans and loyal readers who indirectly made you who you are today.

I am also glad that you took my criticism again by taking the bold step to employ reporters and photo journalists.

TMZ employed reporters and paparazzis, but you want to pocket the whole millions you make alone. I don't blame you, I blame Nigerians and their one-way thinking- once Mr Tunde buys Fantay drink, Mr Emeka must buy Fantay, and Mrs Rose and Ms Aisha must buy only Fantay without ever trying other available brands to see how good they are.

And this is the one reason Nigeria is underdeveloped and our national wealth not evenly distributed; because everyone wants to follow and feed from the first Iroko tree that grows in the forest, without giving other Iroko trees a chance!

5. Linda you have the wrong friends and advisers; its time to make a change!
If all the friends you have in life are those who cheer you- go! Go! Go! And never tell you No! No!

No! Then you need to be wary and watch your back!

How come all these years that you have been blogging and making money, none of your so-called friends and advisers advised you to get a logo, a team of reporters/photo journalists, and of course a unique domain name?

In as much as you may pretend not to see this criticism as usual, I look forward to seeing you make adjustments for your own personal good and please, don't be fooled- not all those that cheer you truly want your good, be careful!


  1. Ngozi you made some valid points but why you too haven't got a custom domain?

  2. WOW! Ngozi I used to condemn you o for criticizing Linda always, but today, I am loving this your counsel o...kai!!! E be like say you be correct person o....oya...make I find chair siddon sharpally!!

  3. Ngozika Nwairo, because we make comments here, that is why you keep on calling some-one that don't know that you exist. This Linda ikeji that you take as your work. You call her name like your personal God didn't know about you OK. Again, she is wiser than so don't expect her to write about your blogs. She is too big and too wise for you my dear looser.

  4. NG abeg park well. Dry blog. Linda remains the best and u the last.


  6. thank you ngozi. i hope linda takes corrections from criticism.

  7. I was just searching through google and I saw ur article that u wrote about Linda being irrelevant, greedy and so on and I decided to check ur blog and found this again.
    What is it with linda? U just want to gain cheap popularity through her. Why don't u channel all the energy u use in writing all these into writing better things for ur blog.

  8. I was just searching through google and I saw ur article that u wrote about Linda being irrelevant, greedy and so on and I decided to check ur blog and found this again.
    What is it with linda? U just want to gain cheap popularity through her. Why don't u channel all the energy u use in writing all these into writing better things for ur blog.

  9. This one no tell u say u hate that lady? Now that ur favourite stella blog is down, u did not post anything like BREAKING NEWS or write something about it.

    There are other blogs that make money more than Linda so pls stop hating her and start concentrating on the stuff u claimed that is fetching u money.

    Stop hating her pls cos ur hatred is making people dislike ur blog, be the change u want to see. How many have u helped? I guess she is have her own problem to sort out too, so if she feel like using her money to buy tins that will make her happy then let her be pls

  10. You post and comment anonymously by urself, chai i dey feel for u oh. The more u create more avatar accounts to hate Linda, people are enjoying her more and more.

    I even got to knw her blog through one of ur hate posts & i found out myself that she is just herself. I guess blogging get styles, i bliv na her style and ways wey she decides to to live, no man is perfect.

    U aint writing all these to correct her but pull her down but cant u see that the more u try the more she is growing faster?

    Be wise & be focus please, i once like u but now u are making me to dislike ur person babe, u have better talent so pls channel it to where it will work positively.

    No be by force to please person, if u advice her and she no accept leave her & stop trying to pull her down. U cant predict tomorrow u knw & mind u, she might just be the one to help u one way or the other tomo or the other way round.

    God bless us all