Friday, October 10, 2014

HURRAY! Linda Ikeji Blog Has Been Restored Back By Google!!

Google as a fair company after carrying out necessary investigations, and adjustments on LIB, has finally restored Linda Ikeji's Blog. This is indeed a good news for Linda Ikeji's Blog fans and followers who have been on my neck for posting about Linda Ikeji's Blog deletion.

You guys can now take your sword back to its sheath, lol.

Hurry now and check here restored blog here>>

Well done Google and congrats Linda!!


  1. That's a good one but ngoo maybe u went too far by the way u captioned it but is all good we'll come back lib

  2. Did i just read hurray by error? U supposed to write OMG or OH NO!

    Pls lindodo hater, write what truly happened & stop hating with ur posts even the next one SAD, linda dis and dat!

    Remove shame and write the true story for once

  3. This hurray na bad belle own be dis abi na good one?

  4. Thank God. Hard work must not be discouraged. Linda is hardworking. I wish other Nigerian bloggers will be so diligent. I read her account of what transpired, and discovered it was personal issue and not about plagarism as you posted.

    1. Read it again. I'm glad she's back and must have learnt some good lesssons. E.g. Move to hire talented reporters/photographers