Monday, October 20, 2014

EXPOSED: 10 Commandments Every Guy Must Obey To Marry A Good Wife!

The rate at which marriages are breaking these days is just too alarming and calls for a desperate precaution.
Today, we bring to you, 10 commandments you must obey as a guy to reduce the chances of ending up with the wrong wife. See below:

Rule 1. 
Never marry a girl from a poor/struggling family background if you are financially buoyant as a guy: unfortunately, most ladies from poor/struggling family backgrounds marry for money/material reasons, and not for companionship, so let them marry their kind and work hard with him to become financially buoyant instead of using marriage as a short-cut to becoming rich.

Rule 2. 
Never you make the mistake of marrying a girl you just met in the city and know nothing about her entire family background: in case you don't know, know it now that some people have scary family issues that may harm you if you marry them, so find out who her family is before you take her to the altar to say I do.

Rule 3. 
Never you make the mistake of marrying a girl your parents objected to: in as much as it sounds archaic, have it in mind that parents see beyond what their children can see, and always want the best for their offspring. So therefore, don't rule out their objection, find out why they objected before you marry her.

Rule 4.
Never you marry a girl below 25years: many ladies will tell you that maturity isn't by age, age is just but a number, blah, blah, blah...please don't listen to them because only few lucky girls below 25yrs behave well in marriage, and you know why? Because youthful exuberances are still predominant in their day-to-day life decisions/attitude, and most ladies below age 25 don't know how to handle marital issues because and they major concern is always about latest fashion, party, hanging out with their girlfriends, flaunting their physical appearance, etc.

Rule 5. 
Don't marry any girl out of pity!

Rule 6. 
Always listen to your inner voice first and obey it before you obey or take any advice from anyone because its you and you alone that would face the consequences if your marriage fails.

Rule 7. 
In as much as I condemn divorce, don't let the fear of what your children would go through if you divorce her make you remain with an unworthy spouse because if you die, those your children will continue to live happily like you never existed, so be wise.

Rule 8. 
Have it in mind that marriage counsellors, pastors, imams, evangelists, and external advisors cannot solve every marriage issues, sometimes, the only solution is separation/DIVORCE, even though its a hard decision, be ready to take it if it means so.

Rule 9. 
Don't be deceived by a girl's lovey-dovey, angelic and excellent character before marriage.

Don't let her presumed wonderful character during dating/courtship lure you into marrying her, instead, seek honestly for God's direction before you marry any lady because many ladies pretend before marriage just to secure the ring, while some have sleeping evil demons that usually wake up after a man marries them, so go to God first for revelation before you marry any lady!

Rule 10. 
Don't ever make the mistake of over pampering your wife; if she's fire, give her plenty firewood to burn along...if she's flame, pour fuel and possibly add some methane to assist her go blazing and never pour water in the hope of making her cool when she's hot!

If she's lovely, shower her with love and pamper her like a queen.


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  2. Looooooooool@ the first comment. Ngoo I don't agree with 1, 4, 10 but I agree totally in others

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