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"A Man Once Slapped My Buttocks In Public & Said He Liked The Way I Shook My Bum-Bum in The Movie"- Confessed Anita Joseph

Curvy Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph who is presently in Atlanta Georgia for a movie shot, was interviewed by Tribune, and she revealed a lot about her personality, likes, experiences, and dream man. Read the interview excerpts below:

Growing up

Growing up was fun. I have seven sisters so, growing up was very interesting. I couldn’t have had a better one. We are 10, three boys and seven girls. I am the sixth girl and ninth child. I was pampered but not spoilt. They didn’t hesitate to smack me anytime I messed up. I was troublesome when I was little. I was always looking for trouble. I beat people up. Whenever I am in the mood to fight, I can hit you with my leg or pinch you. After causing trouble, I would take to my heels and my older siblings would pursue me. I would run and take them round the street. As for the younger ones or those within my age grade, I would stay and fight. It was an interesting period. My childhood taught me to always be myself and to be an independent woman. That has really helped me a lot.

Foray into acting

I have always loved entertainment. As a child, I used to entertain adults. I would sing and act for them even in high school I was president of the acting guild. Professionally, I joined Nollywood in 2007. I saw my girlfriend, Favour Azuka in a movie and I told her I was interested in acting. She took me to National Theatre and introduced me to Emeka Rollars who registered me into his group. My first movie was Good Samaritan with Obi Maduaga. That was the movie that launched my career as an actress.

Challenges faced

The greatest challenge was that I would go for auditions and at the end of the day I would not get a script and I had nobody to assist or be there for me and breaking in was a problem. However, with God and perseverance, I was able to overcome.

First experience on set

It was just two scenes. I was shy but confident. Shy because I had never faced a camera to act before but I was confident because I was already used to acting in front of a crowd. The journey since that first time till now has been hectic and sweet. I would like to call it sweet-stress

Pains and gains of being a celebrity

The gain was that I suddenly became famous and everyone wanted to reach out to me. I became a subject of discussion. I get things done easily. There are lots of people out there who are ready to assist you. If you go to an office, you are given preferential treatment. I get lots of favours from people and I am blessed. The pain is in the area of negative press, some journalists would rubbish your name. Also, you no longer have freedom as your life becomes an open book for everyone to read because of what you do and who you are. You can’t eat corn on the road without you being caught. You no longer have any privacy as everyone wants to know everything about you. And because you are no longer a free person, you have to hide to do lots of things. The pains are plenty.

How I handle negative press

At first, it affected me badly, I would cry for days and I’d hate myself. At times, I used to ask myself why I chose acting. Most of the things they said Anita did, I didn’t do them. Sometimes, I would not even be in the country yet, my name would be mentioned. Maybe na my ghost dey do am. My relationship suffered too because it wasn’t easy at that time but now I have developed a thick skin. I am no longer bothered by what they write or say about me, it’s because I am important that they are talking about me.

Embarrassing things fans did to me

There was a day a fan tapped my bum at Shoprite. I had played the role of a woman who slept with many men. When the man saw me, he tapped my bum and said he liked the way I shook my buttocks in the movie, Open and close and wanted to know if that was how I shake it in real life. I turned to scream and insult him but he ran so, I just left him but if it were before, I won’t let go but I am more matured now. Another one happened recently. A Tanzania lady, who lives in Los Angeles, saw me, screamed and fell on me. We both hit the ground. We greeted and all that. People just stared at us, especially the whites, and they wondered whether we were okay.

Assessment of Nollywood

Nollywood has grown from grass to grace. Nollywood used to be a tiny industry; I want to believe that most people didn’t foresee a situation whereby it would be among the first three in the world. Nollywood has become better and we are still growing on a daily basis. It has not been easy being where we are today; it took lots of hard work and zeal. Nollywood is known all over the world. We are simply the best. The industry has molded beautiful and great women and men. However, government can assist us to become even better by looking into the areas of funding and piracy.

Personal philosophy of life
Life is what you make out of it so, stay focused, work hard and show love.

Description of self
Anita is just your girl next door. I am a woman of virtue. I am down-to-earth, jovial and homely. I am a very strong willed person. Though I am simple, I don’t take poo from anybody. I am accommodating. I love to make people happy. I am also a quiet person.

Definition of style
Style is what you conjure and make something out of it. Personally, I don’t move with what is in vogue. The occasion I am attending usually determines my mode of dressing. I wear good and expensive things and I am very good at combining accessories. I can turn a very simple cloth to smashing outfit.

Fashion icons
Joan Rivers, may her soul rest in peace and Kim Kardashian.

Favourite designer
Gucci, Vera Wang, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Guess.

Beauty regimen
I drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits. Also, I eat healthy and I also make sure that I don’t wear make-up to bed.

What I will like to change about myself
I am too nice and accommodating but I still don’t want to change that. So, there is nothing I will like to change about myself.

My take on cosmetic surgery
Ewo! Don’t like that either. It is a risky thing to do.

Fashion obsession
I don’t think I have but I shop a lot within and outside Nigeria.

Special treat
I go to the massage parlour or go for shopping. I love perfumes a lot. I do facials too.

Favourite perfumes
Love in Black and Love in White, Aventus by Creed. Noir De Noir by Tom ford and Bond No9 NYC.


Greatest physical asset

I have never seen someone who asks questions like this before. Asset? Jesus! I shy away from that question. But if you insist, I will answer. Every part of my body is wow is an asset. I think I have got it all.

On provocative dressing
You know I wear that kind a lot, abi? I mainly do provocative dressing on casuals. Sometimes, it is necessary. It depends on your mood. And it is always better if you are always driving. I wear provocative dresses because I am comfortable in them. I feel good in them.

My ideal man
A man that has the fear of God, who is simple and clean. Someone who can make me laugh and who is intelligent.

On tying the knot
I am not in a relationship but I am ready to settle down. I have suitors but I want God’s direction in order to make the right choice.

Coping with advances from male fans
I cope because I follow them with ease. I try to be subtle but if they try to get naughty, I put them in their place.

Life as a musician, model and actress
I combine them but I must confess that it has not been easy. It is a lot of hard work. If asked to choose one, don’t know which one I will choose out of the three. But if asked to choose two, I will choose music and acting. I love to act.

On my so-called controversies
I don’t know why they are saying that I am controversial, I don’t know what I did to earn that title, it used to bother me before but I am getting used to it now.

Coping with competition in the industry
I am Unique. I am me. No one can take anything away from me. I am exceptional, I don’t compete with anyone.

Role restriction
I can’t act Unclad

Advice to upcoming artistes
One, they should put God first, they should stay focused on what they came to Nollywood to do. They should be themselves because in Nollywood, if you want to be good, you will be good, but if you want to be bad, there are lots of people who will help you out. Be smart and wise.

I get irritated when I see some up comers or some artistes who because they joined Nollywood, started smoking and drinking because they felt that’s the trend in Nollywood. Nollywood brings a lot to your table, it is left to choose which and what to follow. I’ve been in Nollywood some years, I didn’t learn to smoke or drink alcohol. I don’t criticise those who do. I am strong willed. I have friends who smoke and drink but that doesn’t mean I will do the same. In movies I smoke but if you look at it very well, you will discover that I am not an experienced smoker. I smoke like a leaner and after that, I would go to my hotel room and start coughing. What I am saying is, if you were not a smoker or alcoholic, why join nollywood and start? Be different.

Culled from: tribune

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