Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Singer Omawumi Secretly Weds Her Baby Papa in Warri

Omawumi and her mum during the secret wedding

I know very well that many of her fans reading this won’t feel so cool…but guess what?

Popular Nigerian female artiste, Omawumi Mgbele knowing too well that husband is scarce all over the world, and knowing again that she won’t be able to meet up with the competition as her age ticks down, has decided to settle down with her baby papa- Tosin Yussuf in a secret wedding organized on the 13th of September this year.

The Warri born singer first tied the knot with her baby papa at her late father’s residence in Warri, before doing it the white way. Wishing her the best of marital bliss.


  1. Very wise lady most of her mates will keep saying I can't take this I can't take that and they we be running very close to 40years by then no young man will come for them n soon u will be hearing I don't mind being a second wife. No let them keep minding until maybe when soap n cream can't help again their surname will change to sorry,hahahaha

  2. Hehe....Modest this one you decided to seat on the supporters' stand today, I hope all is well o? lol