Thursday, September 18, 2014

Public Alert: Boko Haram Plans To Use Mechanics, Car Wash Centers To Plant Bombs In Cars!!

Vanguard reports that aftermath the heavy defeats inflicted on Boko Haram insurgents in recent weeks, indications have emerged that the group are recruiting auto-mechanic and car wash operators across the country with a view to using their centers as loading bays to plant IEDS’ on vehicles of unsuspecting members of the public to cause havoc.

The objective is to hit at some top government establishment and functionaries as well as military and police locations in other parts of the country outside the North East epicenter of the insurgency to divert attention from the increasingly successful onslaught on the group in recent days.

Towards this end, Intelligence sources told Vanguard that the Boko Haram group have infiltrated the ranks of many of the operators and bought them over with very mouth watering sums of money to look the other way when the explosives were being planted on the vehicles.

According to the source, the terrorists knowing that many vehicle owners hardly find time to spend with their mechanics or car wash operators, have concluded the plot to fix improvised explosive devices on such vehicles while they are with the mechanic or cash wash.

When the unsuspecting owner of the car comes to carry his or her car, he will drive off with an explosives laden car that has been programmed to explode within minutes or an hour as the case maybe and in the process; he may be consumed by the havoc the explosion will cause.

A signal confirming this development and addressed to all military formations in the country said, “Boko Haram Infiltrates Auto-Mechanic and Car Wash Centers’. It said the group was planning to use vehicles of unsuspecting members of the public, especially prominent persons and top functionaries as bomb explosive carriers”.

The targets of such dastardly plots according to the signal are official government quarters, military barrack and public centers.

The public, vehicles owners and users are therefore urged to be vigilant and watchful especially when giving and collecting their vehicles from auto-mechanic and car wash centers; the military warned.

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