Monday, September 29, 2014

Photos: Nigerian ladies & Their Love For Money,Fame, Materialism- Two Beauty Queens Fight Over Music Artiste, 'FLAVOUR'

The rate at which Nigerian girls are chasing money and material things over character and good personality is becoming too irritating to say.

Many Nigerian guys today- rich or poor hold one or two grudges against Nigerian women, and when you interview most Nigerian guys (rich and poor), they all seem to be crying over the same thing- 'OUR NIGERIAN WOMEN ARE JUST TOO MATERIALISTIC'!

And like they say, a snake that one person saw always seems to be a cobra, but when many eyes sees it, it turns out real. So I ask- Nigerian ladies, what is it that you ladies can't just date a guy based on who he is and not what he has?

Can a rich Nigerian lady ever date or marry a struggling guy without a car? I WILL SAY- NO!

To Nigerian women, money is EVERYTHING, and if a man has no money now, that means he will never have money forever! No wonder Nigerian men have become so unfaithful in their quest to pay back women for ignoring them when they were still struggling only to love them when they have made money, ah! Naija ladies, I hail una o....but....

okay, enough of my epistle, let's get down to today's gist- how two beautiful ex beauty queens are fighting or claiming ownership of Nigerian music artiste- Flavour Na'abania!

Okay, in case you don't know, Flavour and his boo (former or current, me no know o), who happened to be a former Delta Soap queen, Sandra Okagbue welcomed a baby girl in the US on Saturday being September 27 and at the same time, Anna Banner, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria is insinuating that Flavour is her sweetheart- GBESE!!

Anna has been posting lovey dovey photos of them on her IG page and today alone, she posted two hawt photos of him with captions "Boo".

To avoid making it seem like I am the one cooking up the story, please read Anna Banner's posts below:

Now, hear what Blogger StellaDimokor said about Anna:
 "Anna is so in love and Naive and she thinks her relationship with Flavour is altar bound affair...she is so in love that she cried out her eyes when Delta soap queen Sandra Okagbue was pregnant for Flavour....I would have probably just overlooked that she called him her boo because I use that word a lot but insider gist suggests that the relationship which is known to only close friends is actually real and says they don't know what ''flavour told Anna after the gist that Sandra was pregnant for him came out but they are still together and in love''

Stella called it love, but I call it- GREED, DESPERATION, MATERIALISTIC and SHAMEFUL!!!


  1. WOW! I must make money o! O boy!! See fine fine babes weh this guy they razzle just because say him get money, o boy, money good o....hey madam Ngozi where have you been na? I de follow your blog bumper to bumper even though I no de comment o....abeg no de dull me o, I de gbadun your blog wella...keep it coming and thanks for telling Naija girls the truth....if at all them go listen o.

    Strolls out to go chase more moeny.


  2. Is not their fault husband is scarce expecially d one that can buy rang n all other things they need. Still with my sad face for u