Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ebola Virus: LASG Should Stop Commercial Buses From Carrying 4 Passengers in a Seat Row!

As the deadly Ebola Virus continue to spread in the country, I think its high time Lagos State Government looks into the operation of public commuter buses and other mass transporters operating in Lagos State as a preparation to curb widespread of the virus in future.

If LASG and FG can ban the movement of corpse across State, I see no reason why they haven't looked at the possibility of this virus spreading faster to the common masses via Lagos commercial buses.

I have witnessed a situation whereby a sweating passenger is made to squeeze in between other sitting passengers by the bus conductor; and in such situations, you can't stop the rubbing of body and exchange of body fluids between the passengers, which exposes them to contracting the virus should any of the passengers have the virus.

LASG should make it mandatory for all Danfo buses to carry only 3 passengers on a seat row, and also look into the operation of other commercial vehicles transporting people in mass around Lagos State.

To avoid hiking of transport fare, LASG can as well enforce a price or find a way to balance it so it won't be heavy on the ordinary citizens to afford and also in a way the transporters wouldn't be ripped off.

This is very important if truly the government wants to stop the spread of this deadly virus disease in Nigeria.

Let's not wait until the situation gets out of hand before we begin radical action to curb the spread, let's start now to plan and act ahead.

I commend the Lagos State government and ministry of health so far on their proactive measures and policies so far in place to stop the spread of Ebola in Lagos, but I think LASG needs to also look into commercial vehicles operations in Lagos as another possible means of spreading the virus.

Once again, Eko O ni baje o!

Goodmorning Nigerians.

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  1. God bless you Ngozi....this is a wonderful campaign...I am sharing ASAP. Jane