Thursday, September 18, 2014

Disadvantages Of Being a Handsome Guy

For all the guys who are obviously handsome, you need to read this and be at alert....and I am sure if you are truly handsome, you must have encountered or encountering some of these facts. Kindly read them below after the page cut:

1. Assumed to be a player- Women assume you're a player for no reason. They'll take you less seriously and question your motives the whole time. Its like infidelity is written all over you. Ladies make sentences like “who are you sleeping with now?” Like WTF.

2. Attracting useless women- Sure you attract more girls, but with the quantity comes a drop in quality. You'll constantly run into useless superficial women with no substance while the ones with substance are not phased or impressed by your looks. And trust me we don’t always like the pretty ones.

3. Amebor- Everyone's in your business and wants to know who you're sleeping with. Iya Basira on the street even warns her daughters never to cross your gate. On campus your name is on the lips of everyone, to make matters worse just be a little popular and you’re on every campus magazine. The amount of attention this person attracted troubled and confused her quite a bit. Everyone would know what you have done, not because of what you did but what you look like.

4. Older Women- Older women are pushy and aggressive and don't know when to turn it off. The worst part is the boldest ones are the ugliest more condemned cargo. You have a flock of obasanjo looking women constantly making you uncomfortable. The worst is they're openly biased towards you and will talk about you to everyone creating a lot of awkward tension and unwanted attention. Some would be like “Let me take care of you like a son”, biko does that involve servicing some parts..

5. Gays- Gay men stare at men the way men stare at women. It's annoying and infuriating and makes me want to fight but I'm not on so i refrain. Either way the worst part about it is gay men staring or trying to talk to you. So when a guy you think is straight glances at your arm or chest. Abomination. Once i got asked out by a gay dude, i had to stylishly turn him down, we’re great friends though.

6. Jealous Girlfriend- Your girlfriend or wife is always jealous, if she catches you smiling at a lady it’s almost equal to you sleeping with someone else. She feels so insecure, checks your phone, knows your plans and wants to follow you out on guys night. No matter how much you try to assure her, she still finds a reason not to trust you.

7. You attract Sugar-mummies- this one doesn't need further

I didn't write it nigeriafilms write am...lafmaoooooo

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  1. Seriously on point expecially d no2 is very correct it makes me fell so uncomfortable seriously maybe I should go in for surgery hahahah