Friday, September 5, 2014

Boko Haram: MOHAMMED M MALGWI Attacks Northern Elders & Elites- A Must Read!!

Northern Elders, shame on you. Sponsors of terror, shame on you. These young men are now terrorist or insurgents, earlier than this time they were told they were defending a noble course. You cannot win elections honorably so you let the ignorant child of the poor and the needy have the promise of Paradise, and thus die ignobly. You gave them N300, 000 worth of a killing machine, yet you allow them to die wearing N5.00 rubber slippers. Your children are sleeping under thick blankets and in a 10 inch, 35 density mattresses, while they stay out there in the cold without warm clothing.

They honestly pray 5 times a day serving their God and then wrongfully slaughtered because you miss lead them, while your children, rich and well fed, never even knows the road to the nearest Mosque.

They die shouting Allahu Akbar, may your children never find time to say that before they face their most horrible death. Remember, these young men die calling on the name of the God they truly serve and honored, what of your children?. Northern youths, your enemy is not GEJ, your enemies are these northern politicians that wants power at all cost so that their children can go to the most developed countries, attend the best institutions while you stay home and be labeled as BH.

Remember, you will always be a Nigerian first, a northerner second, and a Muslim or a Christian third. We are one. Say no to this evil politicians no matter where they come from. The politicians cannot take us any further than where our good creator has kept us, OUR NIGERIA, OUR BELOVED NORTH

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