Thursday, August 21, 2014

Women Should Not Date Poor Men - 9ice's Ex Wife

tonii payne rich man t 1
Popular musician, 9ice’s ex wife, Toni Payne has come out and given a firm and controversial warning to her fellow female who are looking to take a man to the altar.

After a fan of hers sent a mail to her, Toni talked about females dating poor men and believing in them.
She said that before she would have told to carry on but after reading such mail she would no more suggest for that.

According to her tweets, it seems the lady in question helped a guy through school, and the guy later dumped her when he graduated and got a job, saying she wasn’t the best for him.
Her tweets below:

tonii payne rich man t 2
tonii payne rich man t 3
tonii payne rich man t 4
tonii payne rich man t 5

Just in case you don’t know: Toni Payne had been married to Nigeria’s top musician 9ice and got divorced four years ago after 9ice alleged that she was cheating.


  1. Hmmmm so no more woman for a poor man cus of someone hard problems wuth her relationship ?? Shaking my head cus this women tend to be so fast in forgeting their past n how they became rich so fast am disappointed with her