Friday, August 15, 2014

Why do guys cheat on a girl they claim to love?

Answer: many guys don't end up getting their dream girl.


Most often, guys' dream girls usually turn them down, so many guys end up dating and marrying ladies they don't truly desire out of no other option.

While a guy is dating or married to the girl who isn't his dream girl, he will keep searching secretly for his dream girl, and in the process, he may end up dating many girls which then becomes a habit for him, which most find difficult to stop. Most guys in this situation end up becoming womanizers or playboys.

Another reason guys cheat on girls even when they claim to love the girl:

Most ladies of today have high expectation from guys; they want a guy who is this and that, they want a guy to have this and that before they can agree to date or marry him, whereas we have very few guys with all those numerous high qualities ladies want.

The many guys who don't meet those demands or qualities ladies demand from guys can't stop dating, so they have no other option than to lie to ladies and fake their identities just to win ladies...and when a guy lies to you to get you, he knows you will find out someday, so he won't love you...

He will still be chasing other girls secretly for a backup in case you discover his lies in future and decide to quit.

Last reason why men cheat:
Take it or leave it, men are sexually adventurous in nature, it requires strict discipline, special grace of God/commitment to God and being with his dream woman to stop that adventure nature.

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