Thursday, August 21, 2014

SAD Pictures of The Biggest Market in West Africa- Ariaria Market Located in Aba Abia State

This is Ariaria market located in Aba Abia State. The pictures you are about to see depicts the sorry state of Ariaria market, the biggest market in West Africa, and to think that this market is located in a State with government bodies like- Ministry of Health, Ministry of Rural/Urban Development, Ministry of Commerc and Industry, etc, makes it more disheartening to think of. Enjoy the pics and peoples' comments below:
Agatha Amalaha 
What is this? He is the most silly and foolish governor I have ever seen. Only the silly ones like him are supporting him, FOOLS!!

Akanyoum Uche Lynda
This is not a Political Parava,this is T.A ORJI's weaknesses Cos ds always got some Civilised Roads Constructed By Mr. Sullivan Chime of Enugu State & posed on them 2 take pics later uses them On Billboards Canvassing as a Chief Road's Constructor but when u go 2 Abia State,it's just a Glorified Common Local Village in Abakiliki... OCHENDO UMUANUMANU, EKENE DIRI GI OOOOOO********I Laugh***

Ezeh Maduka
My people u never see anything, for Aba, we have ( flyboolt cars) (swimming keke ) (ship trucks) and people that jump like frog because bad roads.

Obinna Jeff Okafor
T.A. Orji, a curse to Abia. The worst governor I have ever known of in the world. May God liberate my State from this curse, Amen

Nkechi Aruabuike
This is a big shame, absolute abuse of d fundamental human rights of d citizens of d state on the part of d governor n all his cabinet members. Every member of this admintration is a shame. I hate to think that Abia is my home. OCHENDU, you need to see Enugu state. Pls Mr. President come to our rescue n save us from this highest degree of wickedness. God pls help us!

Charles Chike Adiele
Orji Uzo Kanu would have have b'n the best Governor Abia state ever produced,he constucted and repired all the roads in Aba.But the roads lasted only but two months and spoil.T.A. Oji has never repired or construct a road that lasted for one week.

Augustus Nchee
Abia state is in BONDAGE. T.A. ORJI is a sidon dey look Governor.

Nwala Onyekachi Junior
It was like being in a horror movie scene when I got home(osisioma) from Enugu and the whole place was terribly bad......I forgot everywhere wasn't like Enugu...with good roads and working street lights.......Orji can't emulate good things....just read that council workers are embacking on strike because of non-payment of salary. What a God's own state.
Awo Anayo
Ppl shuld stop blaming PDP bt blame de idiots dat vote 4him because of money luk at Gov.ROCHAS ANAYO OKOROCHA,he is a gov,of imo state he is doin well,go 2 owerri nd see a good road .T A ORJI,u better change oooooooooo!

Kingsley C Uwadinachi
It's obvious dat he is doin nothin.........he also empowd old men and women caled it yout empowment wyle ther's no job for d youts...Lol

Ukaegbu Chinyere Evlyn
I dnt have anytin to say tan to pray 4 abian people dat God shuld interven 4 dem n help dem to make d ryt choice in d next election 2015, all i have to tell T.A Orji is dat dia is God ooooo, am proud of my governor OWELLE ROCHAS OKOROCHA. May God bless him d more.

Ifeoma Ndubuisi
may he never see good in his life

Ejike Cyriacus Nwadike
T A ORJI abia govnor is worst govnor in nija

Osinachi Kingsley
Theo d orji is kai kai man a theif

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  1. Am nt surprise but ngoo I thought they have someone called ochendu worldwide is ariaria not among in d worldwide? Well just me asking just here lafing in latin hoohuhuhuhuhuhu