Sunday, August 24, 2014

Photos: 10 Most Beautiful Female Students of University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN)

A fervent reader of Ng Blog sent me a link of this publication, and he pleaded with me to please publish it, so I have no other option than to publish it anyway. See the full list with pics below:

Name: Blessing Ogugofor
Department: Accountancy
Level: Fresher
Likes: Singing and Smiling cute
Dislikes: Dishonesty
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Dancing
Name: Abugu Ezinne
Level: Cross-over
Medical Rehabilitation
Hobbies: Meeting friends and dancing
Likes: Honesty and determination
Dislikes: Selfishness, Pride and Betrayal
Wants to be a Successful speech therapist,
Thinks UNEC boys are cool though some aren't anyways
Name: Chizoba Nwosu
Hobbies: Travelling, Reading Novels
Department: Banking & Finance
Level: Fresher
Likes: Honesty, ambition
Dislikes: Arrogant people
Hobbies: Reading, Singing
Name: Onuoha Jessica Ugonna
Birthday: April 26th
Department: Medicine/Surgery Level: Cross-Over
Hobbies: Dancing. Hiphop. Reading. Making friends. Talking a lot.
Role Models: Dora Akunyili, Her Dad
Says she’s very religious, just there and learning
Thinks some UNEC guys are cool. Some are strange.
Name: Ikpe Igbe Joy
Department: Law
Birthday: 1st June
State of Origin: Benue State
Hobbies: Singing, acting, and spending time with hommies
Likes: Straight-forward people
Dislikes: Hates being broke
Future Ambition: To be a successful advocate for women and children

Name: Eigbobo Michelle
Birthday: 10th May
Department: Law
Level: Fresher
Style: High-heeled shoes, Bright Colours
Hobbies: Reading Novels, Swimming, Watching movies, chatting
Kind of Guy: God-fearing, tall, handsome and romantic, proper body build

Name: Ejiofor Chisom Gwen
Department: Medical Rehabilitation
Likes: Honesty and gentleness
Dislikes: Dishonesty and anger
Hobbies: Swimming, Praying and meeting new people
Thinks UNEC guys are nice and likeable
Wants to be a successful physiotherapist

Name: Anisiuba Chidumebi Maryann.
Department: Medicine and Surgery.
Level: Cross-Over
Hobbies: Listening to and appreciating nice beats in music, playing volleyball and watching fashion shows or magazine.
Likes: Decency & Humour.
Dislikes: Pride n selfishness.
Thinks most UNEC guys are cool and religious and prefers this to anything contrary to it.
Ambition: to be successful in her career, marriage and any other thing she may decide to do.

Name: Agbasi Stephanie
Department: Law
Level: Fresher
Residence: Festac Town, Lagos
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Gisting with friends and taking a walk, Just relaxing on my bed and listening to Music
Kind of Guy: Tall, quite good looking, nice character, sweet and loving

Name: Ogwo Chidimma
Department: Medicine and Surgery
Level: Cross-over
Hobbies: Singing and Reading
Likes: Honesty
Dislikes: Quarreling
Thinks UNEC guys are cool
Ambition: To be the a great doctor

Courtesy of: acaplaza


  1. Am speachles here n kind of disappointed if truly this is d best from unn cus am seeing more of of ojuju calaber n d look alike of my village Masquerade here more than beauty hmmm.

  2. believe me dis is arrant nonsense. Wen u c d cute babes there eg Nnenne in med surg u'l testify that dese ppl r jux learners. And point of correction diz r UNEC babes nt UNN.