Monday, August 18, 2014

Photo: Married Man Jailed 10 Years For Bathing Lover With Acid

A man Mr. Difference Ogba has just  been jailed for bathing his onetime lover, Ms. Paulina Imuere with acid on the 28th of August 2010.

Paulina Imuere met her lover some months after separating from her husband over irreconcilable differences. According to her, she relocated to Delta State when her husband took custody of their three children and met Ogba few months later.

Her church members later informed her that Ogba was married with four kids, and after investigating, she found out it was true and told him they can't continue with the relationship, but Ogba refused. He was fond of always coming to her compound to make noise and cause quarrel with her, so she had to relocate.

After three months of relocating, Ogba managed to know her new house and came looking for her. He did this on several occasions and because of his usual way of fighting and making noise, her new landlady threatened to evict her. After explaining things to the woman, she joined in abusing and walking Ogba out whenever he came to their premises.

When Ogba saw that, she meant their relationship was over, he decided to harm her. Ogba came to her house very early around 5am that unfortunate day, knocked at her door and pretended to be a woman and poured acid on her immediately she opened the door.

Ogba fled and was later arrested after some months with the help of his family members who were once arrested and locked up by the police.

Now he has been sentenced to 10years imprisonment, but Paulina is still in pains. One of her eyes was chopped off by the acid, and the other one is partially gone too. Paulina needs N10m to undergo different surgeries and live. That’s the situation she is right now.

So so sorry Anty Paulina but 10 yrs is small for this..

Courtesy of: jaybeenet

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