Sunday, August 24, 2014

Horrible Photos: See what a married woman did to her househelp yesterday

A fan sent these images to me, according to the sender, it was extracted from LIB...and the message attached to the mail reads:

Ngozi, please publish this on your blog...I saw it on LIB, and I couldn't stop weeping, all these wicked women we have in Nigeria must be exposed. According to Linda, the little girl pictured above was asked to sit on a burning electric cooker by her madam for urinating on the bed. Please Ngozi, I will also alert you once the woman's details are exposed so you could also expose it here on your blog for the whole world to see what our women are doing to their so-called househelps.

See more graphic images below:

Jeez! This is evil! This woman needs to be jailed for life!! Gosh!! God have mercy on some women!


  1. Woo some people are only good to be feed to d lion in d zoo how can someone be this wicked n heartless God have marcy on this little girl n heal her Amen