Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Good News: Nano Silver Can Cure Ebola– Says Manufacturer

Punch reports that the makers of the drug and the Managing Director, Natural Solutions Foundation, United
States, Dr. Rima Laibow, in a Webcast on youtube, has refuted claims that the drug is not safe for the
management of the Ebola Virus Disease.

This is contrary to the position of the Federal Government and the verdict of the National Health Research Ethics Committee which stated that it could not approve the use of the experimental drugs for the management of the disease last week.

According to the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, the drug was rejected by the committee
because it had failed to meet the safety and ethical requirements.

Laibow , noted that the controversial drug has been deployed by her team of scientists in the management of Ebola patients in some African countries before now.

She said, "Ebola is surging through various parts of Africa, and it is just a plane ride from the rest of the world.
As of now, It is said that there is no cure or treatment against Ebola, and that is not true.
" In fact there is a well known, well characterised nutrient against the disease and that is Nano silver. It is non toxic, it does not require refrigeration. It is inexpensive, self sterilising and it can be given to every member of the community from the tiniest baby to the pregnant mother and the most fragile elderly person that is infected.

"Nano Silver leaves the beneficial bacteria and the healthy cells of the patient unaffected but it does kill every pathogen against which it has been tested worldwide without exception. There is no other effective solution against Ebola apart from this."

On why Nano Silver has not been approved globally for the management of the disease, Laibow noted that the drug had to go through different stages of trial before it could have been brought forward.

She stated that her team of experts are ready to assist any country interested in using the experimental drug for the management of Ebola and other communicable diseases.

Laibow added, " There are different scientific reasons why we could not just go public with it, but it has been brought forward now. It is available in large quantities and it is unlimited in its effectiveness.

The Natural Solutions Limited and I, stand ready to assist the people of the world in deploying safe, non toxic inexpensive and available solution against Ebola and every other communicable disease which threatens us on this planet."

Silver has been used as an antimicrobial agent for thousands of years. Silverware according to
researchers were used for food preservation in the past, had been proven to have anti-microbial activities that can reduce food and drink-borne diseases.

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