Monday, August 25, 2014

Fiancé of late Nurse Justina Survives Ebola, Shares Disheartening Story of How Justina Lost 2months old Pregnancy & Last Moments with Her Before She Died

Dennis, the fiancé of late Justina Ejelonu, the 29-year old nurse who lost her life to Ebola Virus Disease after coming in contact with Liberian Ebola carrier, Patrick Sawyer shared a heartwarming story of how he refused to abandon his fiancé, Justina despite her being diagnosed with the deadly Ebola Virus Disease.

According to Denis’ revelation, Justina lost a two-month pregnancy, vomited severally on him while she collapsed and had to be carried to the hospital by him…hmmm...

Denis further revealed that after Justina was admitted at the Ebola Isolation center, he hung around the hospital, occasionally going into the Ebola ward to cater for her as nurses and doctors abandoned the dying nurse to her fate at the Ebola treatment center.

Fourteen days after Justina passed on, Dennis began to show symptoms of Ebola Virus Disease- had high temperature, and he was never afraid, he remained calm and even turned himself in to the treatment center for thorough medical observation.

An initial test was carried out on him, which showed symptoms suggestive of Ebola, and led the center to quarantine him, and a second test confirmed that he was positive, so he got admitted for treatment but after a third test was carried out, Dennis became positive and got discharged some hours ago.

Dennis left the Ebola Isolation center in good health according doctors who spoke anonymously to Saharareporters.

You could recall that late nurse Justina Ejelonu was a part of late Dr. Adadevoh’s team. Both Justina Ejelonu and Dr. Adadevoh have all passed away to glory as a result of Ebola Virus Disease they contracted from Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian Ebola carrier who brought Ebola Virus into Nigeria. May their innocent souls find peace in the Lord, amen. 

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