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EXPOSED: Reasons Why You Are Still Unemployed As a Graduate

Have you been wondering why you haven't found a job since you graduated from the higher institution and maybe obtained a good grade? If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to read this article carefully from beginning to end and make amendments, I am sure you will come back to share a testimony. Find the interesting article culled from: noadvertjobs below:

The original title of this article is: Reasons why many graduates remain unemployed for long.

Hello lovely friends, I remain your friend and mentor, Frank, and I welcome you all to yet another day of the week. Today, I will be sharing with you an interesting topic as my own little way of assisting our beloved friends and family members who are graduates and still without a job.

First, I would like to inform you that being jobless or unemployed is not the end of the world for you, and neither does it mean that you are not intelligent or smart like your friends and schoomates now working in top notch companies and earning big salaries.

Because you are yet to find job since you graduated or you lost your previous job doesn't mean that God or nature hates you. Don't let anyone deceive you into believing that only those that are gainfully employed are the wise and blessed people, never accept that because securing a job most times has nothing to do with wisdom or intelligence.

Haven made that clear, let's move on. So follow me.

In my little years on earth, I have witnessed a lot to write an encyclopedia. And in my little years as a working graduate, I have also observed a lot of things.

Without wasting your much of your time, I am going to go straight to the topic of today without much digression.

Remember our topic: Reasons why you are still unemployed!

Have you ever wondered why it seems so impossible for you to secure a job? Have you been asking this question: why can't I get a job since I graduated? I am going to answer that question right here, so keep reading.

Reason number 1:
You Are Greedy! Yes, in as much as this may sound wacked to you, I want to bring to your knowledge that most graduates today are jobless simply because they are greedy, ask me how?

Majority of our graduates want to start big. Many don't want to work in a small firm with low pay, they want to work in Chevron, Mobil, Agip, NNPC, Total, Schlumberger, Shell, P&G, GE, etc, even when they have no working experience or practical skills to make an impact.

Yes, in as much as some few graduates you know started with blue chip firms, you mustn't expect same and waste your years at home job-hunting for many years while others are changing jobs from small to average to their dream jobs.

I have many friends today working with: NNPC, Mobil, Total, SAIPEM, Schneider Electric, Coca Cola, Nigerian Breweries, GZ, Zackhem, Diamond Bank, Zenith bank, Lafarge, NHIS, Fidelity Bank Plc, Cummins, Stellar, Google, Guinness Diageo, etc who started with very low paid jobs that I am sure most graduates today will reject while waiting for fat paid jobs and wasting at home.

You can imagine when a graduate is earning N35,000 ($290) a month, including his transportation and feeding.

But guess what? The experiences and exposures these my friends got from their low paid jobs helped them secure their present dream jobs.

Because of greed, many graduates don't even send their CVs to any company that doesn't have a popular brand name or reputation.

Many graduates have turned down jobs that pay less than N50,000 just because it is not their dream job, and the least salary they can take is N100,000 and above even without working experience or sellable skills.

Reason number 2:
You don't apply! Many graduates today, especially in Nigeria have formed this funny belief that no one gets a job by applying to job vacancies published on the internet or on newspapers, as they believe that people only get jobs through long-leg or man-no-man.

But funny enough, 95% of working class friends I have got their jobs on merit by applying to online adverts.

So change your mentality today and start applying to online and newspaper job adverts.

Reason number 3:
You aren't friendly with people and you have poor network of friends!

As a graduate searching for a job, you need to make meaningful friends, especially with those that are working already; don't beef them, don't hate on them and feel they will be feeling pompous because they are working and you are not, nope, make friends with them and let them know you are searching for a job and tell them your course of study and qualification ahead.

Not all jobs are advertised, and such jobs are gotten more easily, and you can only know about such jobs through an insider working with the hiring company. That's why you need to make working class friends in case.

Don't expect them to give you the job automatically, remember, most are just working and have no power to employ, but their timely info can help you secure a job faster.

Reason number 4:
Your CV is unattractive!
Good CV attract every HR's attention, so work on your CV and make it look appealing to woo the next HR you will send your CV to.

Reason number 5:
You are hopeless!
Many graduates out of frustration have given up on securing a job, and once you give up, you won't get a job again. Remember what the Bible said: as a man thinketh in his heart, so you will be. So if you believe you can't get a job, then you can't get a job, it’s as simple as that.

Reason number 6:
You hardly check your Email!
Many graduates have lost their job out of carelessness! You spend 90% of your time chit-chatting on facebook, BBM, whatsapp, 2go, Twitter, forums, etc, without checking the Email you used to apply for jobs.

Reason number 7:
You don't follow the instructions!
Every job application comes with an instruction on how to apply, but funny enough, many graduates don't even read the instruction on how to apply, and the next thing is: they forward their CV and then expect to be invited for a job test or interview, come on guys wake up!

Reason number 8:
You apply using your Blackberry synchronized Email.

How can you apply to a job using your Blackberry synchronized Email that will have the signature of your mobile network subscriber at the end of the mail, take it or leave it, many HR personnel won't give your CV attention because of that.

Reason number 9:
You have bad record on social media!

In as much as social media is a blessing to the world, you must be cautious of how you use it so it doesn't ruin your career future.

Uploading indecent pictures of yourself on social media sites isn't advisable as an unemployed graduate searching for a job. So be careful.

We will continue shortly, stay with me.

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