Friday, August 15, 2014

EBOLA Virus Spread in Nigeria: Plenty Questions To Ask About Mr Sawyer's Coming To Nigeria

Ever since the outbreak of Ebola virus in Nigeria after Mr Sawyer who was very ill of the virus came to Nigeria, many questions have been popping out from my mind.

I am still of the opinion that Mr Sawyer coming to Nigeria when critically ill with Ebola virus which he knows about has an international backing; aimed at spreading the deadly virus in Africa's most populous nation- Nigeria.

Of all the nations in Africa and the world, why did Mr Sawyer chose to visit Nigeria when he knew he was ill of Ebola virus? What purpose? What did he even came to do in Nigeria when his wife and kids live in USA?

It couldn't be for medical treatment when he is well aware that Nigeria has no good medical facilities to handle his situation?

Is anyone thinking in my direction?

Nigerians and their government need to open a channel of investigation to brainstorm on this...we can't just fold our hands and blame the dead man...we ought to investigate what brought him to Nigeria when he knows he is ill of Ebola that has no official cure?
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