Thursday, August 14, 2014

CBN Re-introduces N65 Charges On Cash Withdrawals On ‘other Banks’ ATMs?

I have just learnt (yet to be verified) that the Nigerian apex bank- Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has re-introduced the scrapped 'Other Banks' ATM withdrawal charges, which makes banks to charge customers a certain amount of money when they withdraw money from an ATM that is not their bank ATM.

The service charge this time is N65 instead of N100 that was formerly charged.

The removal of this extra charge in the past brought succour to many Nigerians as it made Nigerians to enjoy freedom in spending their hard-earned cash.

Is this part of the rewarding changes ordinary Nigerians expect from the new CBN governor? I think, Mr. President needs to sit these bank chiefs down before they ruin things.

Learnt it will start effect from September 1.

Just my opinion shaa....

Details shortly....

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