Monday, August 11, 2014

CAMPAIGN: President Obama Please SAVE Innocent Nigerian Nurse From Dying of Ebola Virus

Dear President Barrack Obama, remember how much love we Africans, especially Nigerians showered on you when you declared your interest to run for American President- we were overjoyed, we were excited, we rejoiced, celebrated, danced around, encouraged our friends in the States to please vote for you.

Back then in Nigerian campuses, students gathered to talk about was the talk of the town, every family prayed for you, others wished you success...I am sure Justina Ejelonu was one of those who campaigned for you to win American Presidential election...I am sure she was excited when you emerged winner, please don't let us down, don't break our hearts, don't turn your back on us now that we need you.

Justina is as innocent as the American victims who contacted the EBOLA virus, she is as innocent as the Spanish priest who also contacted this deadly virus, please don't let Justina die of this deadly virus.

All we ask for is for you to use your good office as the American president to save the life of innocent Justina Ejelonu from dying of this deadly virus....please give our government the Zmap serum to try it on Justina.

Don't let Justina die! SAVE JUSTINA!

Read Justina's excitement message on her wall before she tested positive to EBOLA Virus


Readers' Note: Rebroadcast and share this till it gets to the end of the world! Thank you.

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  1. Ngozi that's why your blog is my favorite fact, you are awesome! Remain blessed jareh....shared immediately