Monday, January 21, 2013

FAN MADNESS: Female Fan Tats Her back For Davido

Nigeria is gradually going crazy like em...*lips sealed*


  1. Total mental kolo. As if davido send her message. Mumu girl, make she de fool herself. Davido no go even send her self, highest him go fk her leave her go follow beta girls wey get sense, mstchewwwwww

  2. Some naija girls mumu die! As she dey now, one correct guy go de die for her while she de here de deceive herself, internet ashi them

  3. O boy! E be like say I go join music o. See as I de here dey find just one gal to like me wen davido, wizkid them de konabi all dem naija babes for free, choi! Music sweet o, o boy enjoy na ur tym o!

  4. Ngozi the hypocrite, when a fan decides to have a tattoo that is the name of a celebrity, what has that got to do with u? What makes u feel its madness? Na ur body she draw am put? I am sure its because you dont like Davido. If it were Linda Ikeji or ur name(Ngozi) u will be happy, jumping up and down and u wld ensure u post it **Hiss**

    If u like dont past my comment cos u dont want ur readers to see what some people write. U only post the comments that favours u. That is the reason miss petite wld always be better than u.