Monday, January 21, 2013

Don Jazzy Crushing on Beat 99.9 Radio Presenter Toolz?

Just recently, Don Jazzy declared his single status publicly, and even went further to describe the qualities and features his dream lady would/should possess, of which he didn't hesitate in saying that he's no fan or admirer of slim or lepa girls, rather he preferred the ever curvy ladies with right curves in the right places. and ever since he made this public announcement, we had been digging deep to see the lady that could match up with Don's description, and during the course of our search, we discovered a lot of things that wouldn't be so nice to unveil publicly here, but then, we cannot hesitate to ask if by any means, Don Jazzy was trying to descrive TOOLZ, the beat 99.9 FM radion presenter? Anyway, its just but a gossip, we are still digging to bring you more details, so don't go away, enjoy!


  1. Aprokooooooooo, na match making u wan do so.

  2. Don jazzy say he like' abi na u wan will' Tools to am?