Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beyonce Drops Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams From Super Bowl Halftime Show – Report

Beyonce needs to pay the Bills Bills Bills and she has abruptly decided that reuniting Destiny’s Child as part of her Super Bowl Halftime show is not gonna do that after all! Supposedly Bey was supposed to perform and then Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams would join her for a medley that included their new single, Nuclear. The plan sounded awesome, until Nuclear didn’t take off quite as everyone has expected. In fact it’s pretty much a dud and it has caused Beyonce to pull the plug on the reunion all together.

The halftime show, as it stands right now will just feature Beyonce because according to MediaTakeOut she has decided to “leave the past in the past” and Kelly and Michelle will not be part of the show. Beyonce’s team is said to be regrouping and switching up their Super Bowl plan. I guess it makes sense for her not to attach herself too closely to a song that is pretty much bombing. The Beyonce money making machine is alive and well so she doesn’t want anything weighing her down.

But man does it have to suck to be Kelly and especially Michelle, who has found the least success in her post Destiny’s Child career. Kelly at least manages to burn up the dance charts now and then but Michelle has thrown herself into gospel music which pretty much takes her out of the mainstream public eye. I’m sure these ladies were banking on a reunion and killer performance that would catapult them back to the top of the charts. Now that’s not going to happen and I’m sure it stings to know that Beyonce reigns supreme all on her own.

Are you disappointed that the ladies aren’t reuniting next week? Should Beyonce have pulled the plug? Was it a smart business move or a crushing blow to her once best pals? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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