Tuesday, December 18, 2012

REVELATION: Why You Should Not Marry A Girl Below 25years of Age

For guys out there clamoring to marry young sixteen girls, beware, unless you are fully prepared to entertain drama and child splay. Now, in as much as we have some ladies who got married successfully below the age of 25 years, it is not in any way advisable for any young man to marry a girl below the age of 25.

When you marry a girl below 25 years, she will end up being a drama queen until she overgrows this peak age in her life. A girl below 25 years in the Nigerian scenario, is still an undergraduate (only very few have graduated and served in the national youth service programme at this age), she still believes she is the queen of the world because so many men are obviously approaching her for friendship, dates, marriages, and this makes her to always assume that she is ‘hot’, and can hardly be humble to any man that ends up marrying her.

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When a girl is below the age of 25, she believes so much in immaterial things, she clamors for parties, clubbing, latest fashion, gadgets, and in fact fun in general. At this age, 95% of girls spend 99.9% of their time thinking about which latest clothe, shoe, jewelry, handset, etc to acquire, and which party to attend, so how do you expect such a girl to make a good wife? Majority of men who ended up marrying girls below the age of 25 years are regretting it, because the first two to three years of their marriage are often filled with drama.

If you marry a girl below 25 years, she can hardly listen to you when you say you don’t have money to meet her numerous immaterial needs. In fact, she may end up fighting you or insulting you both directly and indirectly. In most cases, she will start to recount the wealthy men who would have married her if not for you who came to deceive her.

When you marry a girl below the age of 25 years, be rest assured that her friends, fashion, and socializing will be her top priorities instead of your marriage with her. If you try to stop her from associating with her unreasonable female friends, you may end up becoming her worst enemy who came to tie her down with marriage when her mates are out there catching fun. She will use all sorts of insulting words against you whenever there is a little misunderstanding.

If you have made up your mind to marry a girl below the age of 25 years, be prepared to spend most of your income on latest female wears, fashion, gadgets, unnecessary vacations, frivolous outings, exorbitant birthday and child dedication parties because she will always want to impress her friends and to show them that she is living a bigger life than them even when things are not that glossy.

When a girl is below the age of 25 years, marriage is not on her top priorities, only few have marriage as a priority at this age- she is more concerned with having fun, traveling around cities, going on dates at trendy restaurants and lodging at the best hotels and suits. Only few think about raising a family, only few think about raising kids.

But when you marry a girl above 25 years upwards, who has graduated from higher institution, did NYSC, stayed in her father’s house, turned to a diehard Christian praying day and night for a husband without any coming forth, believe me, the day you take her to the altar will be her happiest day in life, and when she comes into your home, she will respect, love and cherish you so much because you are her answered prayer. In order words, if you want peace, happiness, humility and respect, marry a mature lady that is above 25 years of age.

At that age, she longs for marriage, she desires to live happily in a man’s house, she is tired of her friends, in fact she is tired of going on dates and parties, she just wants to start her own family and answer a mom. At this age too, she is more career-driven than fun-driven; she is more concerned with how to create wealth for her children, she is concerned with how to save for her family, she is concerned with how to make more money for the future of her kids, and not how to spend more money to impress her friends and to get more wealthy male admirers.

In conclusion, if you want a happy marriage devoid of drama and quarrels, do away with the mentality of ‘I want to marry a young girl’. Remember, this does not in any way dispute the fact that there are no wise and intelligent girls who exhibit maturity and good moral conduct below the age of 25 years, but statistically, it is not in any way advisable for you as a man to marry a girl below the age of 25. This excludes cases of betrothing of wife practiced by some tribes and religion, such cases are never ideal.

Finally, whenever you want to marry, obey this rule: +10year or -10years. What do I mean by this? Do not marry someone who is more than 10 years older or younger than you are if you want a happy lasting marriage. Wishing you all a happy xmas celebrations and a prosperous new year in advance.


  1. I don't really believe this!!!

  2. Hello Mimi...what and what are you objecting to? Remember that in every rule, there is an exception...but statistically, more marriages involving girls below 25yrs failed since the past decade, so what does that tells you?