Saturday, December 22, 2012


LESLIE MANN heartily praises MEGAN FOX’s b*obs—which she got the pleasure of getting physically acquainted with in their new movie “This Is 40”—in a recent interview.

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Megan Fox has always been, hands down, one of the sexiest women of her generation—and even more annoying is the fact that she still has the same sexy body, even after getting pregnant.

This fact, of course, did not escape her “This Is 40” co-star Leslie Mann (who’s pretty darn sexy herself, despite being twice Megan’s age) during a scene in their new movie wherein Megan strips down to her underwear and allows Leslie to touch her b*obs.

So what did she think of Fox’s goods? Mann tells Yahoo! Movies:

“Megan just has great boobs… Better b*obs than I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Still, the 40-year-old mom of two did not want to prolong the experience—for Megan’s sake.

She explains:

“I feel very protective of younger actresses because it was so hard for me in the business… I wanted to get it over [with] as quickly as possible, because I knew it was uncomfortable for her, probably — or maybe not. But just in that situation I knew there were a lot of dirty boys around having weird, gross fantasies. And so I wanted to get her shirt back on as quickly as possible.”

If Leslie‘s glowing commendation about Megan‘s b*obs still hasn’t convinced you to check out

“This Is 40,” maybe this will:

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